Who's feeling positive?

Got a good feeling about this season settled squad with a few decent looking additions and a nice mix of youth and experience fancy us to finish in the top six myself.


7th will do. :wink:

I’m not sure I’ve ever looked forward to a season with so little interest. Nothing to do with the squad, which seems fairly strong, but if I can’t go, and nobody else can, it seems a bit pointless to me. Other opinions are available of course.


Got to be honest, that pretty much sums up how I feel. I am still interested, but I don’t have any buzz about it. Following Walsall for me has been more about the people I go with, the memories I’ve made, far more than anything that has happened on a football pitch.

What’s the point in winning promotion at Carlisle if 3000 of us can’t go and see it? Or even at Wembley. I’ve not got a season ticket this year, so it might possibly be the first season in 40 years I haven’t seen Walsall play live at all.


I’m feeling positive, but the football feeling hasn’t kicked in for me yet. I guess that’ll all change when we can go back after the 1st October.

On the pitch though, I’m very happy. Kept pretty much every player from last season, kept hold of the loanees that impressed and added a couple of good looking signings in Nurse/White/Odasebe who have played at this level before.

Scoring goals looks to be a worry looking at pre season, but you’ve got to realise we’ve only played teams that are higher up than us and we should definitely be alright against much weaker teams in this division.


It’s a strange mixture of emotions about this. We seem to be set up to have a good season with the players that have come in so that’s a positive thing but at the same time there is a sense of disconnection. Hopefully watching this afternoon I will feel as I normally do even without a crowd. On a personal level I feel a bit negative as I think that this might be the first season since I left the area in 1968 that I won’t manage to get to a game. Hopefully some time next year away fans will be allowed and by then I will actually feel comfortable about going. Until then iFollow …


We should be in stadiums now…what is magic about the 1st October I wonder? Anyway like others I am not really looking forward to the season. Even when we are allowed in …all 3,000 of us the atmosphere will be dead as we struggle to urge the lads on through our masks!!! No away fans to have banter with and we may not even be sitting by our friends. The whole experience will as flat as a pancake.
The madness goes on…


That sums up how I feel.

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Looking forward to the season. Expect nothing today but hoping to be pushing for the playoffs tbh


As I’ve said elsewhere this is the longest I haven’t seen us live since I was two years old.

So for me Walsall FC isn’t a passive or remote experience. It isn’t even really that much about football if I’m honest. In fact if football was just about the football I probably wouldn’t be overly interested because for much of the time it is pretty rubbish.

I want Walsall to win today. Of course I do. I’ll be watching and kicking every ball. But I’d swap a 2-0 win in today’s circumstances for a 1-0 defeat with us all there any day of the week.

That it’s on Sky will mean the coverage will be as good as it could be. But I’d swap it for a “who scored that?” confusion from behind the goal at the other end of the pitch. And for all their professionalism I’d swap the honed analysis and insight from the Sky team for the bloke behind me who goes “hit the bastard thing” “just hit the bastard thing” “why didn’t he just hit the bastard thing?” whenever we get within 40 yards of the opposition goal.


I’m really looking forward to football being back, and in terms of the team I think we have a squad that could be decent. I’d still like us to sign a back up striker, especially if Gordon or Adebayo are going to be used out wide on occasions, but apart from that I think we have a fairly good group.

I guess the fact I don’t go to every game it doesn’t seem much different to me not getting ready to go today, but the possibility of not going to games all season, especially ones like Bradford that are 20 minutes away from me, is strange. Hopefully things can change and we can get to at least some games this season whether the football is decent or not!


Going by what I’ve seen and read about friendly games we’ve played in,I have absolutely no confidence whatsoever. I’m just hoping that the fact that Clarke has changed the lineups and given youngsters a chance is the reason for that. Hopefully with a first choice team,and the competitiveness that the season brings,things will change. As for today’s game,it’s been a long time since we did what we were famous for,i.e giant killing,so I would have to go for a Wednesday win.

That will be me mate! |(only kidding) Always taught at school that scoring goals was what it’s all about, regrettably these days it would appear that walking the ball into the net seems to be the overall idea, after passing sideways and backwards for what seems like hours of boredom.


Excellent :joy::joy:

A guy behind us constantly shouts “Forward” “forward”
even when there’s no forward pass on.

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You just don’t get that level of analysis from Lee Hendrie or Don Goodman.


Because that bloke wants it as much as you do

It’s because that bloke loves me babies as much as me

Pundits are paid to be there


I wonder if “Hold the line” bloke still goes? Thats going back to the Alsop terracing days.


Forgot we’d have to listen to Lee Hendeie on sky today. Not one of the best, although last time we were on sky against Barnsley he seemed quite pro-Walsall to be fair

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Think it will be a good season on the pitch. First 11 still has flaws but there’s plenty of options in squad now and we saw last season it dosen’t take much to be in contention for a top 7 spot so I expect the team to be around 6th-10th for most of the season.

Shame many won’t be able to see it live though and in a santised form.

I suppose one way of looking at it is go back up and hopefully bigger crowds are allowed in home and away from August 2021 back in league one and we can all pretend relegation never happened and it’s back to the norm since August 2007.