Why did LP takeover Walsall FC

A post on here has really got me thinking about this! I really struggle with this image that he is some kind of saviour, and I will tell you why.

JB was in panic mode in the summer of 2019; the club had been relegated and I believe that ST sales were in the toilet - to a level where alarm bells were ringing. He had literally strangled all the money and goodwill he could out of the football club and there was no where left to turn. Painting the stands red and employing club legends as manager had finally run out of steam - as had his odd appearances at fans forums when things really needed smoothing over to maintain that status quo that he needed. Lets not forget, he also put Mike Lloyd into the ‘chairmans role’ on one occasion when things were really on top. The structure of the club, of his making, made this an impossible situation. How could he continue to charge the rent, maintain an acceptable amount of goodwill from the fanbase, without everything collapsing and costing him?

Completely out of the blue, from within the ranks, and imo under what I consider to be extremely suspicious circumstances, LP appears, flanked by the Bonser Babes. Immediately this new guy starts talking to us - too much in fact - the fans are singing ‘We’ve got our Walsall back’ and everything is seemingly rosy. The thing is, we are at the lowest level we have ever been at as a football club and some of the worst decision-making in running the football club in years follow - and nothing tangible actually changes - which literally risks our future as a League Club. This was a role nobody in their right mind would accept, surely - and how odd that what happened protected Jeff’s affairs and all of his favourite execs?

Let me assure you, I hope that Trivela works out, I have more belief in them than Bonser, LP, Mole or Gamble (although they are one and the same). It took the Vale consortium 6 months of working things out to get rid of the dead wood once and for all - and then it was all upward movements. Walsall and Vale as case studies go are a perfect comparison, as perfect as they go in the football world anyway.

If it all works out for Trivela I will be the first congratulate Mr Pomlett on getting them into the business, if it carries on with us being a struggling fourth division football club with the only excitement coming from relegation battles for our football league status then I would go as far as saying he bloke has been a calamity, especially considering his disasterous forays into the media. We STILL await the changes this club desperately needs - 2 takeovers and 3 seasons in


The reason he took over.

Belived he could make himself a bit of a hero by getting us back up at the first attempt and selling the club at a profit.

Belived he could reunite the freehold but totally underestimated the complexity and the costs.

Belived success can be achieved by reducing operating costs and the playing budget

Clearly everything has gone completely tits up and I don’t think we have seen the decline bottom out yet.

Trivela takeover. Not convinced at all tbh. It could be catastrophic which would pretty much follow all Pomletts decisions

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Another thread that will be built on guesswork and rumours. It’s getting sillier and sillier.


What a ridiculous statement!!

This whole website is built on guesswork and rumours because nobody knows the truth other than the people involved.

Its literally the function of a football club forum…


Almost as ridiculous as this thread. This is playground stuff.

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I really hate to break it to you but it’s actually how the business world works on a regular basis.

Happens in nightclubs and liscensed premises all the time :+1:

What? People creating ridiculous threads to have a little gossip and a whisper about why Pomlett may or may not have taken over the club?

Would have understood this a couple of years back, or even if he was still the owner, but not now. I guess you’re struggling to find somewhere to stick the boot in at Pomlett again so had to make a thread for it.


Errrr no. Having people taking over businesses or putting members of staff as ‘major shareholders’ or ‘licsensee holders’ - so customers still attend the organisation while they still coin it in having apparently moved on. Very common move and I said it at the time.

Pomlett is still co-owner and the main advisor of Trivela. Very relevant to discuss - apologies if you don’t like it, but its a real possibility.

Lot’s of this doesnt add up.

If you say so. Scariest thing is I think you actually believe your strange stirring rumours but oh well. I’ve said what I need to, I’ll leave this to anyone else who wants to just add rumours to a subject they actually know absolutely nothing about.

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What doesn’t add up is your obsession with LP and his motives . Dan is right we are now owned by some people from the other side of the pond. I wish them well and hope their promises are kept . If they aren’t we will know who to blame but I for one are for giving them a chance.
I have a really good reason for saying that . There is no alternative around !!!


Pomlett, The Bonser babes, Boycott, Bonser himself, Polk, Jordan, Mole, Gamble all have their own agendas. I think we can be certain of one thing. That dosnt include a successful team on the pitch!!!

And in other news, the earth is flat.


Can you explain there agendas then please?

Possibly to make sure we aint successful on the pitch hence losing fans resulting in loss revenue resulting in the devaluing the club. Because that sounds like a great business plan.


Not sure why when there is something some posters don’t agree with on here it has to be an ‘obsession’ or a ‘conspiracy theory’. It’s a theory regarding an important moment in Walsall’s very recent history - and this is the place to discuss it. Usually, these are the people that will happy clap until they break their wrists.

To some people JB is the devil incarnate. A man that has actually put a puppet in the chairman’s place before. But, any mention of a link between LP being the same, if a slightly more elaborate version (after coming from within he same boardroom with the same Bonser Babes) and you are being crazy. You have to laugh! If you can’t see this is something he maybe would do based on the past evidence and to protect his affairs - then there is something wrong. I am not saying this has happened it’s a theory based on history - and nobody knows if this is the case or not.

What I am here trying to do - and I don’t know why I bother sometimes - is work out why after 2 takeovers my football club is riddled with the same errors of the last 7 years and is fast heading towards another year in the bottom quarter of the entire professional game. Let me guess - it’s Flynns fault.

I want Trivela to step up so all of the above is irrelevent - but its far from being anywhere near this point, if we ever get there.

Just find bizarre that some folk believe if we get rid of Gamble Mole and Pomlett and even Trivela now that somehow we will be a formidable championship team.


Absolutely agree mate - why would changing any of the mainstays in senior roles during our years of decline have any impact at all on the way the operation runs hahahah

Christ sake - actually I think I do give up. According to you we are a lower div 4 club so :man_shrugging:t2: champagne all round

It is if you are looking to offload. A piece of prime development land. At s huge profit Just saying

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Surely bonser or Pomlett would have just sold the land to a construction company to build houses on at a much higher profit.

They couldn’t due to a clause. That ring fenced the Leese in clubs favour.

But this won’t be the case when the. Americans. Fund its return.

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Why would this be different when trivela purchase freehold.