Why strip change at Rochdale?


Mystery to me why we had to play the game in our 3rd Strip, all red is hardly a clash with all blue surely? We have always played this game in our own strip before, why change on Saturday?
As an aside, has anyone any idea why Gillingham have converted to all white instead of their usual blue?


Presumably the club wanted to make use of the new kit. Does it matter?


According to WM commentary they asked the question and it was because they were unbeaten in this third strip.


Personally, as I rarely get to home games, I prefer us to play in red. As an old fogey I would also go back to the days when teams only changed their normal kit when there was a clash of colours.
I think that there were a couple of occasions of mass colour blindness on Saturday with chants of ‘Come on you reds’!

At least we weren’t playing in Millwall’s reserve kit!


I’m sure there’s a rule in the Premier League whereby teams have to wear their change strips a certain amount of times each season, not sure if this applies to the Football League. When Norwich were in the Premier League in theory they never had a clash as only they have a yellow strip (not sure if Watford were in the PL at the same time) but they’d often turn up at away games in a change strip (white vs Liverpool I seem to remember).

I’d imagine in our case it could be something daft like we wore red in midweek and it hasn’t been washed or the club wanting to market the new 3rd kit at the earliest opportunity to boost sales.


i would get them to fudgin sleep in it :rofl:


We played in it because it’s ■■■■■■■ beautiful


It’s a really nice looking kit , and we probably want to get our money’s worth out of it instead of wearing it for a handful of game’s :smile::+1:


Erm, aren’t we unbeaten in every strip so far??


They’d sold out of 3rd kit shirts in the club shop before 4 August. More will be available in September, apparently.