Wilkinsons goal

Simply the best Walsall I’ve seen in such a long time .
Probably the best since oztumer days. Absolutely pure quality will enjoy that for a long time


I think I’ve watched it over 150 times now :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Couldn’t see it too clearly from where I was sitting, but he certainly gave Rushworth no chance to save it.


:joy: :joy:
He certainly placed the header very well!!


Flicked up with his stronger foot and volleyed like a missile with his weaker one,a goal worthy of winning any game but ironically today a point a fair result for both sets of fans.


Buckley would have been proud of that one.


Very Matt Le Tissier style.


Is Wilkinson the one rumored to have fell out with Taylor ?

I’d say it gets into the top three we’ve seen at Bescot.

Boli’s overhead kick and Junior’s effort against Preston the only two I can think of that might be better.

Maybe then the best goal at “our” end as the other two were at the away end.

Jordon Cook scored two great goals in different games against Barnsley but I think that one yesterday topped those.

Off the top of my head my top ten at Bescot would be;

1/Junior (Preston)
2/ Wilkinson (Newport)
3/ Boli (Southend)
4/ Fryatt (Huddersfield)
5/ Cook (Barnsley league game)
6/ Dann (Rochdale)
7/ Corica (West Brom)
8/ Cook (Barnsley play off)
9/ Merson (West Brom
10/ Wrack (Wigan)

I’ve probably missed loads. I’m sure Samways got a belter at home to Wimbledon.

Regardless - yesterday’s is right up there.


Grigg’s Van Basten-esque volley at the back post against (I think) Scunthorpe is worth a mention too.


Wes McDonald anyone?


This is a good clip with the commentary if you’ve not seen it… https://twitter.com/SkyBetLeagueTwo/status/1477562054554767361?t=CeoI79DJhSLFRkTB3_Louw&s=19


It was a worldy. Absolute class act. Tight space, pressure, last minute, just beautiful!


There’s always one prick ain’t there in the comments “social distancing” shut up you absolute arsehole.

Asbo Demontagnac’s hat-trick goal against Southend?


Haha. Saw that. Forest Green Rovers fans wasnt it?

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I was a bit worried that Rushworth was about to dive at Wilkos feet to smother the ball.

The bloke with the carrier bag, he’s celebrating like he found the last available Hi-Viz string bag :rofl:

Joking apart pure joy on his face :+1:


Probably mate for me scenes like that are what I’ve personally missed when we were all in the darkest hours of covid isolation it’s moments like that I crave for and moments that have surely been missed by millions.Now is the time to carry on now we’ve all been through enough.


Some good 'uns there.

Demontagnac scored a stonker against Salop in a cup game, I think, and another stonker when he got his hat-trick against Sarfend.

A Kevin Wilson lob/chip from the edge of the area against Darlo was a thing of beauty (and rather important, too) and the Jason Lillis bosters against undefeated PNE are always worth a mention, for the shock value as much as anything.

A Stu Ryder volley from the edge of the box back across the keeper and into the top corner was magic, I think it was Hereford at home in a 4-3 win.

Ricketts in a reserve game, in the first minute he got the ball in the centre circle, shouldered a couple of players to the ground, beat a couple more, kept going and rattled a thunderbolt into the corner, then shrugged his shoulders as if to say “that’s why I should be in the first team” and did sod all for the next 89 minutes. :joy: It was like his goal against Crewe, but better (and less important).

The Rambo header against Sjoke. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

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