Will Kents add to the squad before 11pm

Tod ay at 11pm tonight o’clock:,the deadline for new players being signe’d is hear.
Do you Thing Kents will bringg anymor e players in please?!,
I thing we need a new golekeeper and a new substitutes
Come on Bonswer
Back Kents and we could finished in the top 10 ten of the devision.


A legend returns…

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I thing wee ned spelcheker!!!

Weem. Goon. Wemberlee.

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No wonder his daughter, Saddlerbabe’s English is so poor. Wonder what happened to “her”. :grinning:

Hearing rumors that we’re getting Adam Jackson from Barnsley.
Hasen’t pulled up any tree’s since he’s been there.

She’s gorra gew…

Fitzwairter back from the baggies too. I have a damp patch in my pannies