Will we stay up?


I think the black country arms is the plan.

Interesting. Have you guys seen this

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Ha, this is in danger of turning into another “Jarvis last played at home to Bradford discussion!”

I couldn’t remember his name so looked up the Southend squad list and got confused…it’s actually Edward James Smith (or Ted to his mates).

Roots2Roots answered it all well.:+1:



We are in a true position then



Considering we are supposed to have the 5th highest wage bill as well, certainly isn’t showing on the pitch. The u18’s played recently and a dog run on the pitch. We should have signed him up. He was really quick LOL



… We have a dog of our own who’s really quick at collecting rent , if it’s thrown for him …



Down with a pathetic whimper, a snivel and wet fart.

The chickens well and truly home to roost. Absolutely crap. :no_mouth: :frowning:




Formula need for next week.

Beat Sloppies…hmmmm.

Hope Southend don’t beat Sunderland…pretty likely as 2nd is still in play.

Hope Scunthorpe don’t lose at Plymouth. They can still stay up so possible and Plymouth did ship 5 today. Would still expect home advantage to count tbh.

Possible but unlikely.

Ultimately today’s perfomance is three weeks too late. Was needed v any of Oxford, Accy, Southend or Wycombe.



Unfortunately very unlikely that Sunderland can now go up automatically. They can get same points as Barnsley & Luton but very much inferior goal difference. Hopefully they will still wallop Southend.
If Bradford beat Wimbledon a win for us would take us above Wimbledon (GD or if level then goals scored)



Don’t forget Wimbledon Away at Bradford.

They lose, we win and we go above them on gd.

So we need to win then two out of three other results need to go our way.

Won’t happen but at least it’s alive.

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I think Wimbledon will get the point they need at Bradford, really needed the scenario where they had to go and win themselves.

Maybe Bradford are another team that turn into Brazil with the pressure off, were 3 up at Scunny inside 20 minutes.

Teams getting relegated and then playing amazing is just wierd to me and dare I say cheating the fans a fair bit but there you go.



Down by mid February @P.T coming into this debate I see.:wink:

Edit: If it was just needing to win and Southend not to win then that would be realistic possible formula.

I just think having to win and relying on two other results is a bit far fetched but then I guess there have been plenty of teams who’ve done that down the years.

Would just leave a bit of a sick bit in the stomach if the team turn up for the last two and it’s still not enough when they’ve had ample opportunity in last month to do it in one of the winnable fixtures.



More about collective sports psychology than cheating the fans as it happens every year in every division.

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:grinning::joy::joy:Absolutely. To be fair, today aside, Walsall have been exactly as I expected since mid-February. What I didn’t expect was the ineptitude of others around us. I honestly thought 53 points would be needed and couldn’t see anyway we’d get those.

Anyway, we’re alive going to Salop which should make it a memorable day. I expect we’ll shift the remainder of the allocation now.




We’ll win and probably still go down.
Looks very much like one game too late.


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Two points short.

48 points now and the team would have a very decent chance of staying up. Such is the life of a relegation battler.

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No, but at least we have a glimmer of hope.



Agree I see ya beating the shrews but just falling short.

One home win short, how annoying!

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Ya never know
All we can do is win our game

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Wimbledon might need to go for a win. A point might not be enough ( Plymouth would have to beat Scunthorpe by 4 goals mind). Whether this would make it more likely that Bradford would win who knows



That’s the problem though. Any Plymouth win sends Walsall down (or at least means Plymouth finish above Walsall) so that’s the two other results needed coming into play.