Will you buy the new Poundland shirts?

Will you buy the new Poundland shirts?

Will you buy the new Poundland shirts?
  • Yes. Mmmmmm
  • No. Errrgh

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Yes the away shirt

Probably buy some ISSA stuff for next season.

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If only they had some yellow plastic draw string bags…

I’ve never bought a replica shirt and doubt I ever will. So, no. But in view of my non-purchasing history, my decision shouldn’t concern them.

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No but only because i stopped buying them some time ago now, so nothing to do with the new sponsor

The poundland sponser will not put me off buying me and kids a replica top, at first i wasnt to keen on the shirts but they are growing on me.

I feel it will be more the teenagers that will be put off by the sponser on the shirt. They dont wont to damage there street cred.

If I was 12 yes.


Frankly, my benchmark is the Easyfit shirt. I’d buy anything better than that. This season’s shirts look better than that. I’m proud of my team, and the sponsor is way down the list. If it was a NZ team sponsored by Dollar Dealers nobody would bat an eyelid.

Realistically, not bought a team shirt in yolks, but that third kit top looks great, might have to get one. Probably have to have it delivered to my parents place though, because last time I tried the club hadn’t got the hang of international shipping.


Oh yeah, I remember we didn’t do very well in that shipment from Cyprus you know the Makris range. Or perhaps someone did.


Let me know and I’ll sort it for you to NZ

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Thanks for the offer, will get the olds to arrange!

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A probable yes - my 11 year old saw them last night and goes “ooh - can i have one of them?” (referring to the 3rd kit). He’s been to two(?) Walsall games in his life and follows his local non-league (north east) team instead so club must be doing something right.

Just DM me with details etc when they’re out and I’ll sort out how much it’ll cost etc.

To old to wear replica tops not bought one since at Bescot except white one with fans names on to keep not wear.
If I did would not have home kit dislike the all red nothing to do with Poundland name

Bloody hell - how big is your round? :astonished:

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If it involves a trip to NZ it can be as big as they like :joy:

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There is no possibly option