Willis Loaned out and Coogan gone

Good luck to both.
Coogan deemed not good enough and Willis should be around the first team by now at 20 so I’ll be suprised if we see much of him in a walsall shirt tbh

Eh there’s plenty of time for Willis. Players peak at different times and he plays in the one position we are actually over stoked in. There’s plenty of players around that are doing well that we’re way past 20 when they broke through.

That’s 2 less to call on then!!
I’ve been criticised for saying we have a small squad, and these 2 might not have been bench sitters, but can we afford to release players at present?
Good job the “reserves” only play a couple of times a month. Oh I forgot, for reserves read youth team!! What a joke!

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We’ve hardly got enough players as it is Willis has been a regular on the bench as well

Maybe they have been loaned out /released because we are looking to get 1 or 2 in?


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