Wim on the Tele today - pre season (Crewe)

Well sort of:


So can we watch it?

I think so!

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So is it something we can look for on the laptop ? and if so would we just put crewe v walsall into the google search engine? :grinning:

Possibly crewe alexandra youtube channel. I feel like a kid on Xmas


Struggled to watch football since its return but when its your team thats different.


But what time?

It’s on the Crewe YouTube channel, but kick off time I assume isn’t going to be given until shortly before to stop anyone turning up. Assume it’s at their training ground perhaps.


Might ring in sick at work and crack a few cans


Looks like Crewe have played a few full games already this month, so this should be a tough first test. Kirk, Wintle, and Ng were the three best players I saw at Bescot last season.

I really don’t like David Artell, and I have absolutely no idea why.

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Oh I hate the prat too. Arrogant ■■■■■■.

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Do you have to subscribe or will it just be there for anyone to watch?

everyone is assuming it’s going to be on you tube. It could just as easily be on iFollow. I’ve subscribed to the crewe youtube channel just in case. I subscribed to the Villa you tube channel to watch our friendly against them when they streamed it. Unsubscribed straight after the match.
If it’s on iFollow depends if our iFollow streams it but I’ll probably sign up on the crewe iFollow service to see it. They might charge for it though.

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The Twitter announcement has been updated - on their YouTube channel at 3pm and it’s free!


Crewe Alexandra (Stay Alert




Oh, it’s

Squared free

& it’ll be on at



Raising hands
from the crewe twiiter

Live on our YouTube channel

Arrow pointing rightwards then curving downwards


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I don’t think you need to subscribe to a channel to watch things in it (I’ve watched several things live on subscribable channels without doing so) - but it does put you on their mailing list for info and alerts about upcoming events.

Wondering if our social media are keeping it quiet until closer to kick-off (as Rob says, to prevent people turning up) and whether it will be on our own YouTube channel as well?

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Oh and the other thing subscribing gives you is it puts the channel on your personal subscription list so you can re-find it more easily in future (just open your list rather than having to search and remember the name).

yeah I’m never sure whether to subscribe or not so I do it just incase. I unsubscribe straight after whatever I watch as that avoids all the spam.

I wont be able to watch it, am going fishing for some quiet time, probably listen to the cricket on my headphones, if they manage to get any played today. Not going to change my plans now, but it will be nice to have some football to talk about. Look forward to the match reports.

Pull your fingers out admin types - where’s the Match Day thread about the game? :grin:

Do you think we’re going to be seeing Trialists A, B, C etc like in previous pre-seasons?