Wim on the Tele today - pre season (Crewe)

Sometimes live streams are also recorded and made available to watch in full later. If not with this game, then would still expect a highlights video at some point after.

So, if you can, try avoiding the result until you get back home and can check for it.

BTW Not trying to teach my granny to suck eggs, but we need a Match Centre 20/21 creating!

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Looking forward to this. UTS

Do you just go to there YouTube channel?

Went to their you tube channel and subscribed but can’t find any mention of the match.

Same …

not started yet
watch this while you wait:

Yes , but on another thread Saddler HQ talks about the pictures.


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It’s started now.

Saturday, 4 pm (for me), WFC game, live stream. Gosh, how I missed that feeling.

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No sound

1-0 down

2-0 down despite being on top most of the half

Not sure how Adebayo did not score just before their second. Only needed a tap in.

Think Sinclair was out best player - ferreting around for the ball and pushing us on.

Ayli looked a bit lost up there on his own, and Wes was hardly in it. Gordon and Lavery on for the second half?

We did dominate possession, but without creating enough decent chances. Same old defensive frailties though.

Second half terrible so far

at least we can’t see it now :smile:

Floodlight failure. Abandon now!

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