I think that we will be the finished article when we eventually sign a good wide man. Holden is not the answer, but McDonald showed glimpses of what an attacking winger can bring to this side.
If we are to climb this league we need to invest in a good winger in January.
Ryan Colcough who played left wing for Scunny on Saturday would be the ideal man. Quality player who signed for Scunny pre season for 50k on a three year deal. 100K would surely buy him and he would be the missing piece of the jigsaw,

Apparently DC is trawling the free agent market (well according to the E&S) - ostensibly due to the injuries, but also looking for “upgrades” so perhaps a winger or 2?

I’d seriously consider Jarvis if he’d take some kind of pay as you play deal.

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McDonald at least looks like the traits of a wide man are in him, albeit maybe with a few rough edges that need smoothing.

Not actually sure what Holden has or does. If anything any forward momentum usually ends with him. Early days though I suppose.

McDonald does what a winger should do and that is hug the touch line, the best wingers do that, the ones we’ve had in recent years get drawn inside all the time, he has the potential to become a great player.

Harry Bunn , still without a club ,
and Jamie Ward

Although I know Harry Bunn has played out wide at times, is he not more of a striker played out there (a bit like Josh Gordon) rather than an out and out winger / wide man?
Think he would be a good signing though, mind you!

Matt Jarvis still without a club as well.

You’re forgetting his wages which I can guarantee won’t be cheap, then he’d also want those expensive wages spread over 3 years to provide the security of a wage for as long as Scunthorpe are offering.


Matt Jarvis , is quality but his injuries just don’t make it feasible for me , missed too many games last season so no reason to believe it would be any better now

Sure I read somewhere that Giles Barnes is still a free agent. Worth a look at.

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Lloyd Dyer surely obvious target, midlands based although guess someone in league one will pick him up.

I wonder if he’s injured or doesn’t want to play anymore because if not I’m amazed no one has taken him.

I’ve no idea what he’s doing. However his spell with us last season was supposed to prove that he was back to full fitness. It really didn’t. He started 8 games (and one sub appearance), and only played for the full 90 minutes in 4 of them. He last played on 2nd March and missed the entire last couple of months of the season. He’s not up to pro football any more, I don’t think he’d be interested in coming back, and I wouldn’t be interested in having him back.

I agree saddler, quality player:

Would he come, maybe or maybe not.

If a player has not got a club now its usually down to ridiculous wage demands or in the jarvis case ridiculous wage demands injury prone and not worth the risk.

Isaac Buckley-Ricketts is available following his contract cancellation at Peterborough.
Not sure if he would be available to sign or not now as he had a club this season.
But with Buckley and Ricketts in his name sounds like he already would be a good fit for us.Fits into the DC mould as well having been through the Man City youth set up


I’ll throw another one in who I presume is still local.

An attack minded midfielder who gets beyond the forwards and chips in with plenty of goals.

James Morrison

Released by the Baggies at the end of last season, not got an other club as far as I know.

33, but a classy player


I’d be wary of someone that has been touted around as much as he has and now been released so early into the season.

Morrison was a very established Championship player, I would think he was making 10-15K per week. Certainly not affordable for any L1 or L2 club. Even if he dropped his wage demands by 2/3rds, it would not be sustainable for us.

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