WM Coverage

So I was trying to listen from South Yorkshire on the sounds app, and they changed to a music show instead of the football coverage the moment it hit 7pm, but a good half dozen /dozen or so stations from around the country were offering their local football coverage via the sounds app, for big and small teams alike!

Me neither. The reception of the Birmingham frequency comes and goes, Black Country DAB, for me, is non existent. I’ve listened a couple of times to WM’s new FM offering and have to say it’s a boring talking shop and is pretty poor.
From what it seems, that’s the end of my live local football which is a shame because as I travelled around and lived in other parts of the country, the WM reporters / commentators were probably the best in local radio.
I’m really struck that while technology should have given us greater access to our football, this season, things, in reality have gone backwards.

(PS: I don’t get the money argument either - since 2019, the BBC’s income has risen by over £1/2bn)