Womens FA Cup. Semi- Final

“It’s vital in the women’s game that clubs like Walsall help us with facilities. It’s not always possible to stage games at our main stadiums. It is a wonderful occasion and a wonderful place to play football.”

Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow

Our lot should try it sometime :rofl:


It’s never an easy place to go.

Heard some comments on the TV commentary about the state of the pitch though…

I can’t understand why they don’t roll out some astro turf across the goals when they warm up to save the pitch.

Emma Hayes, Chelsea Manager, would have preferred the game to be played at Villa Park as the pitch is better. It was pointed out by the analysts that Chelsea benefitted from the ball bobbling onto a post from a Villa shot when on a smoother pitch it might not have deviated to the extent it did.

Noticed at Rochdale, the position of the goals for the warm up session weren’t set on the touchline as they always are at Bescot, where the grass is well worn now.
Looks like Rochdale put the goals in different areas each week, so there is more even wear on the grass.

Could put them on a bowling green to play and the standard and spectacle would still be atrocious.

I get that everyone is entitled to play, be funded etc etc - but to pretend that the women’s game isn’t hard work to watch is well wide of the mark


Dont watch it at all myself find it very slow.

Well coming from a Walsall fan the phrase “pot calling the kettle black” comes to mind…:grinning:


Raining most days, 2 games a weekend it’s going to be a mess.

Good job we have nothing to play for.

I don’t think they realise a goal line is not really necessary for the warm-ups.

Yup that’s about right !

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Over 5000 fans at the pound land to watch villa ladies v chelsea

We’re not even the biggest team in our stadium anymore.


Wow. I thought they only got their relatives there. Do you know what the arrangement is with respect to match proceeds, Andy? Do people have to pay to go in?
Do we benefit from that or do we just hire out the ground to them?

I dont know the details. It would be very interesting to know the actual benefit we get from this arrangement because any benefit doesnt seem to be reflected in our own actual football team.

How do you deduce that? I’m guessing that Aston villa women pay to use our facilities, that money all goes into the budget, from which we are able to set a playing budget. If that money wasn’t there, we’d have less available.


My point is that Walsall fc havent been very successful since Villa ladies started playing at the Poundland. So if it is a good financial deal then either the money hasn’t gone on the team or it’s been spent unwisely.

Ultimately what benefit are Walsall fc supporters deriving from this partnership? because there’s a definite cost to Walsall Fc supporters in terms of prestige from this partnership and a poorer playing surface.


Perhaps if we were to end the agreement will Villa Ladies we might not continue to get the cash-cow friendly fixture against Villa. I have no idea about the relative benefits from our arrangements with the Villa, just speculating.


Fair questions you ask.

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