Working Party Meeting - March 1st

This could be interesting.

Only sensible questions submitted via this link will be asked, thank you.

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FYI @Thanatos

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The truth about our financial position and why it is would be nice.


So you will be vetting the questions then…that’s what Whalley used to do for Bonser,no thank’s.

None of us are going to ask a question that is aimed at personally insulting to anyone you idiot. It’s not a case of picking and choosing, if a question is asked sensibly and articulated properly then it will get asked. If it’s just designed to be offensive to someone then that’s not the point of being at a WPM.


Don’t call me a ■■■■■■■ idiot…you don’t mind being offensive towards me but you will insure that nobody is offensive towards Leigh Pomlett…

:joy::yawning_face: I’m amazed at the stupidity of some of our fans.

You have the option of asking a question, or not. Your choice. Like I’ve already said all questions will be asked, but there’s a way of asking them. If they are just point blank offensive and have no substance then they won’t be put forward.

If you want to send abuse to them directly, I’m sure you have the capability, but it won’t be via a WPM.

Also, don’t avoid the swear filter. Thanks x

So i’m stupid as well now…you’ve certainly got a way with words for a Mod…in future keep your ■■■■■■■ insults to yourself x

Won’t tell you again, stop avoiding the swear filter.

Also, I said our fans. I didn’t mention you, so if you want to include yourself in that bracket that’s up to you.

Just go and ask your questions,don’t make them too difficult though,oh, and make sure he is given a few days notice of the questions so he doesn’t slip up and tell us something that we actually want to know. Always a good question to start with is “whats your favourite colour Mr Pomlett”… :wink:

There will be no forwarding of anything in advance, sorry to dispel your thought.

Thank you for taking note of the request :kissing_heart:

Well,you haven’t said anything to make me swear for about 30mins,and anyway,any mod with an ounce of common sense would have had that particular variation of that word covered a long time ago with the swear filter.

Was going to mention elsewhere but might aswell go in here…is 50% of funds/budget still allocated to non first team use such as youth system?

What are the club doing in regards to the flooded training grounds?

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Nothing because that would be a drain on our resources.


It could dry up our income stream.


Puddled, the lot on ya


The players will have to carefully consider what footwear to use while training. I would suggest pumps.