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Independent saddlers supporters Association

Ref: working party meeting

At the beginning of today’s meeting, Dan Mole read out a statement saying that the Walsall supporters trust had approached the club for a private meeting.
A meeting was arranged and attended by Steph Gamble and board members of the trust.
The outcome was that trust officials stated that they would not be prepared to sit at any further working party meetings at which the Independent saddlers supporters association committee members were present.
No one from the trust attended the working party meeting today, no details of why they have chosen to take this action was furnished.

In the interest of goodwill ISSA are stating publicly that they for the very last time be offering trust board members the opportunity to sit with ISSA committee members, at a neutral venue and chaired by a neutral person for both groups to resolve issues.
This will be the last attempt by ISSA to the trust in an attempt to move forward, and if refused, we will then leave it to Walsall football club to decide what happens.

At today’s meeting a comprehensive set of questions received by ISSA from fans of WFC were handed over to Dan Mole, due to the amount of questions handed over we asked Dan Mole to give answers in writing to ISSA no later than 14 days from today’s date.
He stated he would give them his full attention and answer them accordingly, but could not commit to doing it in the timescale required due to obvious issues going on at the club, and that some questions put may of answered themselves by then ie managerial appointment, club statements etc.
So a timescale of 3 weeks was deemed more appropriate in relation to the questions that required a more detailed response.

Many of the questions put to ISSA to be raised with the club duplicated themselves so we sifted through them and put together the ones that contained the main issues.
So when a response is received and put out publicly, please don’t any fan think that their question was not put forward as said it may be yours replicated by another that was furnished to the club today.

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Not taking sides here, but fan groups squabbling between themselves leads to only one winner.
We all know who.


The People’s Front of Judea and The Judea Popular Front comes to mind :smile::smile:

Joking apart, well done to this group.


After today’s revelations I have done something I should have done a long time ago. The Trust is not fit for purpose and I want nothing more to do with it.

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Pathetic! Trust putting personal issues ahead of fans. They’ve completely lost our fanbase and the plot.


Is there a mechanism by which the members can issue a vote of no confidence ?


I don’t think any of the ‘executive’ are elected so I doubt it

I think I read recently there are, in fact, elections!

The website is currently down so can’t be 100% sure - you think as a member that is the sort of thing I would have known about …

My understanding through WSFC research is that in order to have FSF membership (and be able to attend Working Party Meetings) the organisation must have elected leadership and members.

Can’t remember the last time there was a Trust election.


Pretty sure the trust struggle to find candidates so it’s no wonder there’s no elections.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Brilliant Mate !!!
Was only watching Life of Brian Earlier Lol.

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Embarrassing and pathetic situation - as if the club aren’t in enough of a mess. The last thing we need is disagreements between the supporter groups.

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Words fail me! My view is that the Trust feel threatened by the ISSA - they’ve seen them gain 200 members in 6 months where as the paying membership at the Trust flounders.


Might be time for a History lesson here and look at what We as supporters did in the early and mid eighties in getting rid of the Wheldon regime … in having a protest march from the town hall to fellows park. Could do the same on a matchday before the match… this way still supporting the team. But rallying support and exposure at the same time.

We need a Barrie Blower figure I’m afraid.

The trust showed what they represented over 10 years ago when they came out with their attempted sabotaging of the freedom of speech protests “wear your favorite replica shirt” idea.

I quit it at that point. Pointless excuse for a fans body, in reality a nice smokescreen for Bonser. Quisling might be an appropriate term. Pathetic behavior on the part of the Trust and ultimately of no use for the leech either.


I remember that all too well - and I still bear a bit of resentment because of that. Shambles.


And we all know who Bigus Dickus is don’t we Mr Chairman :wink:

Welease evewybody!

Seriously don’t know what the problem with the trust is. The supporters club sat in on these meets until its wheels fell off, didn’t it? Think of ISSA as a mobile version of that body and just get on with it.