Working Party Meetings Boycott

I see there’s now 2 supporters groups attending the working party meetings and 2 boycotting because they have problems with 1 of those attending.

Is it really impossible to get along for the good of the club (especially during this pandemic) instead of bickering like f***ing kids? :roll_eyes:

Yes it is impossible cos they smell.


It’s a shame to see and I hope that they all put personal issues aside for these meetings. They can even ignore each other, the meetings are there to talk to the club not each other.

Fans wanted a chairman who sits down and speaks to fans, and Pomlett has been at one of these meetings in the past, he will probably be at another in the future too, so don’t let this opportunity pass.

I hope they all do what is right for the fan base and for the club in time for the next meeting.

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Well, we have said it before and unfortunately we will say it again; 4 fragmented voices will not inspire any change at the club. Until there is one unified voice we just look absolutely ridiculous.

I’m sure each party has a perfectly justified reason to dislike one another, but how can we expect LP to take 4 individual parties seriously? Thats one group for each 1k of our home fanbase :joy: If we can’t even agree on what we want as fans between ourselves, then what chances have we got really.

I could understand maybe 2 groups that couldn’t agree, at a stretch - but four??

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To be fair there’s three, really. The DSA acts solely for disabled supporters so directly represents only a small percentage of fans, and there will be a similar organisation at each club. The difference here is that the DSA is effectively a branch of ISSA.

Though I agree regarding the number of groups for a fan base of our size, it’s worth asserting that neither ISSA or WSFC would have been formed had supporters been satisfied with how the Trust performed as our sole representative.

The Trust have for a long time done fantastic work with charities and fundraisers, the local community and with the project in Sierra Leone, but over a decade or so in which the club has been in general decline, they’ve appeared too complicit and unwilling the break rank and speak out.

Both ISSA and WSFC have been prepared to ask tough questions of the club very publicly at a time when they’ve needed to be answered, and forced Walsall FC to embrace a more open platform. That in itself, for me, gives ample validity to one or both groups existing.

Also, both of the newer groups offer very different things. Anyone who has been down to the Railway Club on a Saturday or taken an ISSA coach to an away game will agree they have created a fantastic social platform for our supporters. They’ve also taken some really ambitious ideas to the club, created a fantastic ex-players network and generated some great publicity.

WSFC, a group formed in response to the general decay at the club, has been more than worthy of a place at Working Party Meetings. Admittedly, the very sudden departure of Bonser meant we’ve had to reevaluate our approach and tone, but we’ve successfully campaigned for the club to recognise and address a wide range of issues (from catering to the state of the toilets) that likely wouldn’t have been considered otherwise.

So regardless of whether these questions would have been better asked as a unified voice, the important thing is that they are being asked and that the club is taking notice.

On that note I should say, as somewhat of an insider, that the club (at least since LP took charge) really have started to communicate and embrace the input of each group, the superb fundraising efforts of the Trust and ISSA during the current crisis being a recent example.

The relationship between the club and fans is changing, gradually, for the better, and each supporters’ group has played a part in that.

Unfortunately, there exists some very deep issues between members of the Trust and ISSA (and by extension the DSA), that are unlikely to be resolved and which the club, quite rightly, are unwilling to adjudicate. These issues have a habit of becoming public, and when they do, this acts to weaken the position of all groups, even those not involved.

It is the reoccurrence of this situation, not the volume of groups or their respective agendas, that damages the legibility of supporter representation.

Ultimately it’s up to those involved to either bury the hatchet or at least reach a reasonable working arrangement, because that’s the only way we’re ever going to reach a united voice for Walsall fans.


Well said, Simon.


Did anyone ask if there was a rent break? I couldn’t see anything in the minutes but surely it was raised?

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The question has been asked in the past Dan, you might remember the Trust releasing a statement saying why it wasn’t viable.

As @Belphegor mentioned in a recent thread on here, however, the legal constraints may have changed since Bonser ‘left’ the club.

This is a possibility WSFC will raise at the forthcoming WPM.

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I don’t remember it being raised in the last meeting, I can ask in the next one if we feel its something fans want raised!


What a farce,I don’t care what they are bickering about,it just makes them all look like a bunch petulant children…And please,I don’t want someone to post on here explaining what the problem is…just get it sorted.


If you could, thanks!


It is principally a personal thing where a senior official of one of the organisations is very critical of one of the senior officials of the other organisation. Although several unsubstantiated and/or inaccurate public comments have been made, the Trust do not intend to enter into a public slanging match in social media.


Hi dan. Issa have been putting questions directly to club, during our abscesses from working party meetings
The rent break / holiday. Aspect was put to them asking if the club had sought consultation with our
Landlords administrate representatives

The answer we recurved was as follows

They would not talk specifically of any individual aspect of the clubs fixed costing, But said they where working with all suppliers etc to get the best possible. Deals in relation to the club

Issa forward our questions direct to club, at the start of each month and I will again put this. To them again when our next set are sent in to them requesting if there has been any news on our landlord offering a break, or rent free holiday period,

I will ask is so for how long is this arrangement in place
And if not. Ask why. Question has not been put ( should that be the case )
And if question as been asked and club have been refused such help will ask if they can inform fans as to the reason why


That’s good.

Keep pressing.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

How’s that website coming along? :wink:



The website is fine, thanks.

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Should’ve announced that! Been a while coming…

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