Working Party Minutes 19/04/21

The Working Party Minutes are out for the meeting on Monday this week:


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Thanks Chris pleased they are changing the ticketing system really needed doing.


Thanks guys. Not all doom and gloom is it?


I agree it should be much more modern feeling for a start but the possibilities of this system just add a lot in my opinion. Things like ability to print at home or hopefully even have tickets on a smart phone that you can scan for entry will hopefully encourage walk in fans and ease any need to queue at the ticket office.


Hopefully mate I’ve been on about this for ages and so have some others the waiting times have been ridiculous in the past

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Like I have always said I don’t knock the club for the sake of it. A crucial improvement to the matchday experience and hopefully the first of many. Years late, but credit where it is due. Lets hope some of these long standing gripes really are being looked at now.


That is progress on the ticketing thing.

Hopefully this means far less match day queuing.

People get nostalgic about surprising things and stuff that was rank at the time gains a romantic hue over the years to the point that people’s imagined truth suggests that the rank thing was actually a good thing.

But I can’t conceive of a time when we go “ oh do you remember standing on a car park for 30 minutes in the rain to get a ticket so that you could join 3,780 other people in a two thirds empty stadium to watch Walsall vs Crawley. Happy and more simple times”