Working Party Questions - Dec 2018


Hello everyone,

The next Working Party between the club and supporter representatives is on Monday, so time to put together any questions we’d like the Trust to ask.

Not sure how this process will work, but can we try to collate a few concise questions to submit based on this month’s discussions?




What is the club’s assessment of the current matchday atmosphere and experience at the Banks’s, and are there any plans in the pipeline for any initiatives aimed at improving the experience/atmosphere?


Will the club consider implementing a ‘young adult’ ticket price as seen at most clubs of comparable size to ourselves? If not - why not?


Do the school initiatives work? Is there follow up work such as writing to all parents of children who have attended offering them a reduced ticket for another match in an attempt to secure permanent new fans?


How do the club react to the fact that some young Walsall fans are instead attending Birmingham City matches because tickets for youngster are cheaper at St Andrews?


What effort is the club making to increase match day attendance and exeperience?


Dean Keates has said he wants to create a football team the town can be proud of. Is this a philosophy shared by the board and chairman? If so, how is such a philosophy currently being implemented, and where to the club see areas for improvement?


Many fans have highlighted the difficulty for a ‘floating fan’ to purchase a ticket on the day. Will the club consider looking into the match day ticketing policy?


Would the club consider reducing the season ticket and matchday price’s for a couple of season’s as an experiment to see if they can increase the size of crowd’s attending home game’s ?

This could be offset with a reduction in the ground rent which could be used as a safety net if the club we’re concerned it may fail and cause a major short fall in revenue .

This would be done to see if the club can get back firstly the stay away’s that will not attend , and then encourage some new supporter’s to the ground on a regular basis , which would increase atmosphere , and if the player’s were asked what inspire’s them to perform well i would guess the majority would say the experience of playing in a full rather than two third’s empty stadium , and a loud partisan crowd.

The increase through the turnstile’s would increase club revenue through hospitalities I.E drink’s , food , program’s and club shop merchandise


(Taken from original thread:

  • How do we get more folk to invest in a season ticket? What are the pros and cons of being a season ticket holder at Walsall for different demographs and how do we mitigate the cons and build more pros?
  • How do we attract more pay on the day customers? What do we do/could we do to entice more people to make a reactive decision to go to watch Walsall FC. What currently makes that thought process lead to a perception that an afternoon at the Bescot is a good choice and what might currently be putting people off? Again - some different thoughts by demographic probably work. This thread started through the eyes of an 18 year old. Why would an 18 year old fancy coming to Walsall and what might put them off?


I must say after all the interest on the original thread, I am rather underwhelmed by the lack of clear and concise comments being forwarded for the Trust to take to Monday’s meeting with the board


Simple one. Kiosks in the Upper Homeserve. Could the menu/price list be displayed above the serving hatches and on the wall by the queue?

You currently can’t see this info until you are at the very front of the queue, at the till. Would save time and quicken the serving process if customers could work out their order prior to being asked for it.


Hope a few more of us on here are going to put forward a few idea’s /question’s for the working party for the meeting on Monday .
This is everyone’s chance to fire a question or voice a gripe about the club , and to get them aired, it’ll be no good complaining thing’s aren’t being addressed when we’re not helping ourselve’s .


Category A and B games. Why? Is the strategy behind them working?

Why do we do the schools initiatives for low key games? If the idea is to get kids to catch the “bug” did the club think that Burton would create a more infectious environment than Sunderland?

Talking of Sunderland. Were the club happy with the home attendance?

Why was the first information regarding home tickets for Sunderland not placed on the official site until the day before the game with it still unclear as to what pay on the day arrangements were?

Why didn’t we give Sunderland more tickets (far end of main stand)?

Why do we have such a large sterile area between family stand and away fans? Some would like to sit near the halfway line but the big sterile area makes this impossible? Could we open a cash turnstile for area at the motorway end of the family stand?

I was reluctant to post on the thread to be honest as I think I know how the club will answer every single question I’ve asked. The key is to challenge those answers when they come back, especially when the answer is “police advice”.


why are the kiosks still running out of food when the club knows how many tickets are sold before games?


I think the issue with a cash turnstile near the away fans, will hark back to the problems that occurred when the home fans were in the away stand, the behaviour got worse from a minority until it culminated in an attempt to attack Chesterfield fans during the FA Cup replay. Can’t see the police and council agreeing to it.


I’ve already said plenty about refreshments in the kiosk manifesto comment a couple of weeks ago.

Agree with much of the above. Q: what’s the club’s strategy to develop the core fan base year on year? How about setting a target to add 500 per season.

Minor point in the scheme of things, but I’d be interested to know what the club does to “create” and sign off on its merchandise range each year. Moreover, does any club rep go and see what other clubs do? I’ve been to 3 non football sports grounds in recent months and the range, quality and diversity of clothing merch puts ours to shame. We occasionally have a gem but few and far between.

Also, can’t they show replays of goals and near misses on the “big screen” during play?


Who do the club consider to be our future fans? What strategy do they have to move us from the core of 4k on Saturdays and 3.5k on Tuesdays? How do they feel the marketing department are performing in engaging with the local community?

Currently our very local rivals in higher leagues offer various young adult tickets and furthermore other ticket prices are similar to ours across the board. How can the club justify charging similar prices for most adult and child tickets and completely fail to recognise the young adult category? How does it make any sense to charge nearly double for an 18 year old than they do at Blues, Albion & Villa for ANY ticket category let alone a category where future fans may come from?! Why do nearly all clubs in our league and the Championship have a ‘young adult’ category while we completely fail to recognise this as one of the most important target markets to grow the fan base.

Where is the research and proof that the current offers / initiatives are working or the results of how they are performing? For my mind some of these offers and initiatives have not worked for neon 15 years. What is done to research those clubs of our size historically that have gone on to significantly grow their fanbase?

The poor, tragic atmosphere is becoming an issue for more and more fans including many who are staying away. What are the clubs plans moving forward to address this ever-growing issue?

Can the club please not answer the excellent points on this post with ‘police advice’ or the usual nonsense because we are getting to the point we all know it is utter ■■■■■■■■ and it is wearing thin. People are stopping going to games and I feel it is more evident this year than it has been for a while…


And Nap, that’s virtually word for word the answer I would expect. Something nearly happened once so to stop something nearly happening again the police advise us to do all we can to stop something nearly happening. This means that we need possible the largest sterile area in professional football.

It’s why putting questions forward at these sort of meetings, including fans forums is kind of futile because the question is asked, an deflected answer is given and we move on. It needs following up.

So the police, right? West Midlands Police. They look after the Villa, who played Blues in one of the most notorious derbies in football for animosity, trouble and general bad doings. Forget a couple of daft Stoney clad lads jumping on a small wall against Chesterfield a few years ago. Villa Vs Blues has seen serious disorder on a grand scale. The sterile area on Sunday was this (it’s there - honest).

By contrast, to show the sterile area for that renowned clash between Walsall and Wycombe, I’d actually need two photos.


VThe free football for under 18’s is obviously targeted at attracting families and youngsters to home games, but what marketing strategy is being deployed for other demographics of our town.
There are hundreds of ‘blokes’ who already have an appetite for football, but choose to spend their Saturdays afternoons watching sky soccer saturday, what are we doing to encourage them to watch their ‘local football league club’?