Working Party Questions - Dec 2018


while this was a good idea at first it clearly has not worked not everyone can commit to a season ticket type offer which is what these are.


Sorry if already mentioned but is there a reason why the club insist on a cash turnstile with two turnstiles?

The other week there was a queue of people with tickets and season tickets having to use one turnstile, yet the cash turnstile had two and not one person was using it. A waste of everyones time. It was pointed out to stewards who agreed and said they have brought it up in the past but were told it would stay that way, why?


Did anyone manage to collate a few concise questions from the thread’s that we’re opened for this purpose , and the work party can use to present at the meeting , and if so will we be able to see them on here , and the out come ?


I’ve contacted Steve at the Trust to find out how many questions we can submit.


Suggest we submit three.


After all of this all we’ve been granted is 3 poxy questions? Tell Steve not to waste his breath.


Steve informed me that the meeting tomorrow is limited to an hour, so on that basis I’ve suggested we put forward three questions.

None of this is Steve’s fault.

This is the first month we’ve tried this, so there are plenty of things to iron out.

Let’s approach this with a bit of positivity, eh?


Hope the club do also , and not waste everyone’s time with the almost parrot like replies


Since I first raised this issue with Dan Mole, the ticketing manger was going to conduct a review and present to the board - in fact, what has happened is the fans are given the honour to submit 3 questions to the board. Didn’t say it was Steve’s fault but you have to question what the trust actually do for the club to have been allowed to get away with this for so many years


Can you be more positive towards our supreme leaders please


Load of ■■■■■■■■. Same old and it always will be. Nothing will come of this and we all damn well know it lol


So one of the questions is: Was the review performed by the Ticketing Manager and if so, what are his/her findings?

You might not get answers first time but there’s no harm in chasing.


It wasn’t conducted. The board instead suggested we the fans just carry out their market research and the Supporters Trust would feedback. It now transpires the Trust feedback will be allocated 27 seconds of the meeting


My thoughts exactly now. What a pointless endeavour. Realistically things aren’t going to ******* change are they


would appear the club are happy to sit back and let everyone else do the job’s for them


I’ll collate some questions and send them on, see what happens.

Have to ask - if you don’t think this was a good idea why contribute to the thread?


I’ve contributed to the thread as I made the initial contact with the board about fan representation on this issue. I wrongly assumed this thread was an abridged version of the original discussion, and the club were going to allow Steve the platform to raise the majority of the issues rather than 3. My change in tone and attitude follows a discussion with a family member about the board and has been confirmed by the fact Steve is allowed to ask 3 questions.

Dan Mole: “ Ok Steve, over to you. You have 3 questions.
Steve: Shall I begin?
Dan Mole: Yes. You have 2 questions remaining


It is a good idea and every supporter on here or not will hope something good will come from it , but i suppose we are all fearing the usual out come that’s all …


I think there’s been some important issues raised that are worth putting forward.

Not saying there will be any seismic reaction but not asking questions is playing into the clubs hands isn’t it?


We’ll know more this time tomorrow