Working Party Questions - Dec 2018


Disappointed you’ve adopted a nearly tone and questioned my participantion in this thread @simon considering we initially worked together re. getting a platform for the fans. My change in tone and attitude is born out of apathy and realisation the club are simply paying us lip service as proven by the climb down of an internal review to a working party to 3 questions.


I’ve not questioned your participation - I’m just saying we should at least give it a try rather than just presuming it’s not worthwhile.


Maybe for future meetings the questions could be submitted a week ahead of the meeting. This would avoid the club being able to use the old “need to find out so will come back to you on that one”




Agree, we could even email them in advance.

This is my point though - this is the start of the process, so let’s see how it goes whilst we figure out exactly how things work best.


What did you mean by ‘why contribute to this thread?’ @simon


Because you’ve helped to push this forward and contributed significantly, which I’m very grateful for, but then the day before our first attempt, this:

What a pointless endeavour. Realistically things aren’t going to ******* change are they


I won’t apologise for expressing my opinion when presented with new facts re. the platform we’ve been granted.


I’ve not asked that you apologise.


But you wanted me to backtrack from change in stance …


I accept your stance. I don’t agree with you but I certainly haven’t asked you to backtrack. We just don’t share the same opinion on this, it happens.


Right gents, perhaps we re-visit this in the new year. Opportunity to work out whether this is a worthwhile exercise or not.


My question would be “when is bonser going to sod off and give our club a realistic chance of being a football club with a modicum of ambition again?” :wink:


when he receive’s …




How did it go?


As I mentioned a few posts back, nothing submitted this month. Better to work out if we think this is worthwhile and start in the new year.


Will it still only be three question’s then or will it be more now there is some time before we submit them , maybe we should as Belphegor suggested hand them in before the meeting so we can have some definate answer’s .


put that right for you :wink:


It’s worthwhile if it’s a free and fair submission of questions. A dedicated meeting to fan’s concerns.