Working Party Questions - Dec 2018


Only suggested 3 questions this time because Steve said the meeting would be an hour only because Mole and Gamble had to attend other meetings, which I presume was the 13 minute AGM.


If Mole and Gamble know the supporter’s have a few constructive question’s that they want to put forward to try and better the club , and that they feel concerned about how thing’s are going couldn’t they just give Steve and who ever a little more time or arrange another meeting when they haven’t got to rush off somewhere else ?


That would imply they take the supporter’s concerns seriously …


…and that they actually care … Mole and Gamble i mean , not the supporter’s


…It just feel’s a little like …


To be honest, it’s at the discretion of the Trust. I don’t know if there is a certain volume or topic of questions that they’d be unwilling to present to the club from one source, especially UTS.


But aren’t the supporter’s one of the most important part’s of a Football Club or am i missing something …


That’s the problem!


…what us ?


Particularly yow :rofl:


Not sure we come anywhere near their list of priorities, regrettably.


thank’s mate , only trying to make our club a little better for us all …:pleading_face:


Sense of humour bypass?
Was not meant to offend


no offence taken mate :rofl:




I’m very tongue in cheek as you may of gathered from various thread’s on here but that is only to put a bit of humour on here and hopefully put a few smile’s on some face’s .
I know you didn’t mean to offend , and you didn’t my reply was jokingly having a dig , but i’m serious about the club , and get proper ■■■■■■ off the way the club treat us as supporter’s most of the time