World cup

I think we have a couple of home fixtures during the world cup. I wonder if the club are going to do some special promotions to encourage fans of nearby clubs to attend as they haven’t any matches during this period? It might be a chance for extra revenue.

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Season ticket holders from other teams get in for a tenner?

If we only want to tempt in a few more to boost our gates at a couple games. But if we’re looking to lure people over to our cause more permanently then it is the floating/non-ST fans (especially kids) we need to target.

It’s probably more of a risk for the cup game, as many ST holders will buy a full price ticket anyway. If for example the tickets are a tenner, then a hell of a lot more people would need to go in order for the club to be on the right side.
The league games are easier as far less people are buying a ticket for that particular game.

Reduced ticket prices are something the away club would have to agree to, as the gate money from FA Cup matches is shared between the two teams and the FA. I may be wrong but I think the FA may also set a minimum ticket price.


And charge them £20 to get out :crazy_face::smiley: