Worst away fans

How crap were the vale fans today like seriously? 3rd in table huge away numbers for our league playing local rivals and hardly heard them all game.
Most they did was try and have a fight with the children Walsall fan and their grandads like seriously
Any other away teams fans really disappointed with an awful atmosphere or angry supporters ?


I wonder how much they raised for their sponsored silence?


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I mean, I usually hate the cliche “we forgot that you were here” chants when we’ve been silent ourselves most of the game, but they really were silent. If we took 2000 somewhere it would be absolutely bouncing.



I think the 50 fans from barrow made more noise-rubbish support

Lovely to be able to patronise the morons. Hope that the few who can read pass the tone of the thread to the illiterate majority

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They never up at Walsall.

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You have to be really brave to take on a Family Stand! :rofl::rofl: Jokers.


Just heard of trouble over the station after the game and by Morrison’s

Was trouble by the hotel aswell

Hearing a kid got punched by a vale fan at the station?

A 67 year old bloke was attacked by vale fans know that for sure

They are shit. As a fat middle aged bloke, I closed my coat up to hide colours as I recall what subnormal tools many of them are


These idiots need to seriously get a grip of themselves.

It happens. Just need to remember when they bring 373 like always next season. :+1:

Don’t give them any exposure.

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Heard that one vale fan was being reported by one of own for racial abuse to our players hopefully they will follow it up with a statement, apparently words used were particularly bad. But what do you expect they are from Burslem.


Inbred whoppers.

On the way out by the train station saw one young walsall fan with blood on his face like he had been punched and an older lady on the floor for gods sake muppets even myself as I walked away with my lad got swore at just wanted a fight just smiled at him and walked of

I think what we all need to appreciate is that they lost their cup final today and that their sister lover has run off with their great uncle… Show some compassion.


@el_nombre sorted them out :smile: