Worst former players

martin lane

joe broad.

I think we’ve probably had a lot who are worse players than Robins, but it’s hard to think of a bigger tosspot or a player who gave less of a shite for Walsall than he did. A disgrace of a footballer.

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Time dulls the memory. Up until recently everyone spelled his name Mk R***s on Walsall message boards.

Mark Rbns was Ray Graydons biggest mistake. He should have ditched him early on and played Ricketts and Rambo up front together, or when Rambo was injured, play Ricketts and some bloke out of the crowd.

Mea culpa mea culpa.

Why won’t it let me put the asterisks in? Oh well, another reason to hate the wanka, he’s stolen my asterisks. :rage:

Yeah that’s a fair assessment. Every week was 10 blokes playing out of their collective skins to stay up plus that useless wanker. At least we got Rotherham away the first day of next season, a day that lives long in the memory!


Rory Gaffney needs a shout


Oalsasebe until his 1 In 40 new contract performance
McKinley the goalkeeper up there defo

Asterisks are board shorthand to start bold or italic text , or something like that.

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If loan players count surely Derick Osei Yaw has to be on here .

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Russell Martin

Andy Petterson and Johnny Brain

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Take your pick from that toxic bunch of w*nkers that got us relegated to this division a few seasons back.


Actually there are no terrible former players.

They become amazing players when they’ve left and history is rewritten.

Plus Richard McKinney…


Allen McKnight.

That is all.


Chris Palmer…was by and large,useless…also,when he struck the ball it made a completely different sound to anyone else on the pitch…baffling.

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