Worst forward line in a long time

It’s been a long time since we had a forward line as bad as this


We are certainly lacking in goal scorers all over the pitch , but yes definitely struggling forward wise

Don’t know whether it is possible to give a judgment on the forward line when they’ve hardly even seen the ball most matches - no creativity down the sides or in the middle, they’re relying on scraps from hit and hope balls lumped up from the back.


I am struggling to think of a worserer one in my near 50 years of watching. Seems like the 6 yard box is a no go area.

Is this WFHYS?


It’s a fair point though.

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It’s a very fair point!

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It’s more than fair

It’s actually more of a circus than a fair.


Someone tell me that has too gel? That was awfull today! proper ■■■■ league 2 football, Jokes aside were the ■■■■ are the goals gonne come from? im lost for words on my way home from game and cant believe that today, they were ■■■■ but we was even worse! nothing at all today nothing, this season is gunna be long,


It ay the forward line. It’s the complete lack of creativity and movement.


No. No criticism please! This is a safe space for Walsall fans. Thank you.

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Is it the forwards?

Or is it the fact we’ve got absolutely no creativity whatsoever?


its the whole god dam team from back too front! From jules and his hoofs too them letting them run into box before tackling too not even playing a ball too get the front boys in, i see good bits but now the bad outweigh the good points

I think it’s a mix of both , creativity is poor granted but even when the strikers receive it their play is awful.

You could put Sergio aguero in our team and we still wouldn’t score, there’s just no service to the strikers at all, the problem isn’t the quality of the strikers it’s the non existent service, needs sorting ASAP !!!

Why shouldn’t fans have there say, whatever forum you are on ? There is life outside UTS !

everyone has there own opinion and right too exsprress it espcailly if you traveled and saw that game


Every single fan knew what was required on deadline day but the club did nothing about it.
This so far is drastically worse than the Bonser days.
Come on Pomlett . Where has the money gone?
Nothing about this take over inspires any confidence. My suspicions were aroused when he claimed that if we got back into L1 he had American backers waiting to invest.
As if any American knows the difference between L1 and L2 football in this country.

Comeback Geoff all is forgiven :joy::joy: