Worst individual performance

Just a bit of fun down memory lane after watching knowles trying to win the osei yaw trophy for todays performance
Are there any individual performances you remember for being so bad during any era even by a good Walsall player ?
Mark paston losing games by himself has got to be up there
Zak mills thinking he was a keeper is a recent one

Knowles is an absolute joke of a professional footballer, not getting that shot on target is criminal, just needed abit of composure.

Offers nothing.


Scott Fitzgerald away (can’t remember where) he was utter utter dogshit. The fans turned on him and he just smiled and laughed. Tosser that bloke was

Jamie Lawrence , think it was v Bradford at home but could be wrong. Spent the whole game trying to avoid the ball.

Isaiah Osbourne V Coventry away. Got hooked at half time I think it was, didn’t move far enough to even try and avoid the ball.

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Richard McKinney at Oldham. :grimacing: :scream:


Lawrence seemed more intent on not upsetting his former team-mates. Thoroughly unprofessional.


Did he last the whole game?
I weren’t really watching Walsall then

Although I wouldn’t yet bracket Knowles alongside some of the footballing deadbeats being mentioned here, his ‘miss-hit’ today was verging on the criminal.

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Any of Dave ‘Bambi’ Bambers performances.

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It wasn’t jus this mis hit today though
His awful crossing ,if you can call it that , when he even bothered to cross as he’d rather run straight into a player losing the ball
His ball retention
When he did nothing with that great ball from Matt second half and he had acres of space
He is one of the worst wingers I’ve ever seen . Same level as Peter till , worse than McDonald


Knowles is a trier, and he is committed to doing the best he can. He is very frustrating at times, flatters to deceive, but that’s him. A bit like Mark Rees, for those old enough to remember.
If Sadler had recruited more options on the right, he could afford to rest him.


That will forever stick in my memory, although Jonny Brain ran him close.

I think Knowles is very whole-hearted and commited to ‘the cause’. I think he just doesn’t appreciate what that involves in terms of what his contribution should be and the self-discipline he should exercise.
I don’t want to see him throwing himself into ridiculous challenges that result in a yellow card or in him giving away free-kicks or routinely diving when he has received minimal contact.
He needs to acknowledge what his abilities are and what he can’t do. I think that Sadler has thrown him under the bus to an extent as he clearly can’t be an effective defensive player and still be a threat as an attacker.


I can’t recall Mads Timm ever having a good game for us.


I won’t go in on Knowles. He gives his all, something that can’t be said for many over the years.

The reality is he’s just not very good and his regression this season is alarming. For the later, I blame Sadler.


You must be joking, he couldn’t lace Rees’s boots. Scored some important goals for Walsall Rees did.


Rees was twice the player Knowles is


I’d agree with respect to ability, but Rees was one of the most frustrating players I’ve ever seen. Would race down the wing like a whippet and then stick the ball over the railway line.
A fair comparison on the frustrationometer.


Mark Robins, Samassi Abou, and Darko Mavrak were all gash if I remember rightly.

You no doubt saw a bit more of him than me. Think he already had a fair few years at Walsall before I started going.

I haven’t checked the stats but I bet he had over 300 appearances for Walsall league and cup and about 50 goals. Knowles won’t score 50 goals in his career.

I can get the frustration with Rees, he played with some skilful players, and we don’t really have those anymore.

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