Worst League position in 15 months

Yet the chairman apparently makes ‘good decisions’. ‘pleased with progress’


Clarke was a Pomlett appointment and one the majority of us were happy with. He has given Dutton a chance but unfortunately it is not working out. Make a change now, we are getting sucked into a relegation battle.

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I’m not having the whole blame Covid etc difficult times excuse

Every club in the land has been hit by this

I’m not having the blame Bonser thing either (are we the only club with a landlord)

I was posting about the ■■■■ poor management of this football clubs weeks and weeks ago before Clarke went and before we put his assistant in charge

I commented on how it was all a bit non league

Little did I realise we might actually be on the verge of becoming non league


Thank god it’s not just me that can see it put the club up for sale and see if anyone comes in for it this bloke as much as I think hes genuine and a true fan isn’t the man to take the club forward we are going backwards.


Pomlett has been an absolute disaster for Walsall. We could be 21st next week

What’s your solution? @Gensanx123

I’ve said before that we need to completely rethink the way our footballing operations is structured. I just hope we can give ourselves the opportunity to do that as an EFL club.


Don’t want to be to harsh

I get change takes time

But the football side of the club is a joke and will continue to be so


30 years. Not that it’s much more consolation.

Weren’t we 22nd at some point last season?

You’re right we were, on 23rd November after a 0-0 home draw with Stevenage.

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The fun really hasn’t stopped has it?



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Can a mod please change the header to “Worst League position in 15 months”.


But it’s the sense of hopelessness that counts

In fairness I’ve watched Walsall for 20 years near enough and it’s always been hopeless :joy:

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So hopeless you had to tell us twice. :rofl:

The second post has disappeared - I look like an idiot :scream:


Welcome to MY world :grin:

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I originally wrote “I look like an idiot now” but I decided now was redundant so deleted it. :roll_eyes:

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Dunno what your on about but I’m assuming the post came up twice. My phone is being a ■■■■ just blame that :grin:

Yeah it was there double posted for several minutes, so I stepped in with a devastatingly amusing reply - and it disappeared, making me look a tad saft. :smile: