Would relegation be such a bad thing?

Cannot believe I’m thinking this or even typing it, but after watching my club for 40 years that I live and breathe I ask myself, would relegation be such a bad thing.
Being in non league would it mean we could finally rid ourselves of the likes of Mole and Gamble, who just suck a very good living from our club without offering anything worthwhile, we wouldn’t be surely paying a totally pointless waste of time director football and would it actually give the opportunity for someone who can actually afford to invest buy the club, as Pomlett obviously doesn’t have the finances or the first idea on how to run a football club.
Fianlly, could we find ourselves a temporary home so was could finally rid ourselves of Bonser and the shackles of the rent until we can find a new location for a ground.
Maybe it’s not the answer, but these past 3 seasons have been the nothing like I have witnessed and it’s so bloody depressing coming out the ground every week.

If we were to stay up this season, by luck, with this bunch of amateurs, it would only be surely delaying the inevitable next season.

Away Fans would have a nice time visiting new grounds.

Home matches would be horrible

Don’t be fooled it would take years to get back into the league


Yes look at some of the other clubs down there similar in size they can’t get back up that’s what would happen with us I think


I genuinely struggle to see us coming back, if we were to drop out of the league.

Like, ever.


Very optimistic thinking anyone on the board would change. It’d be awful. We’re miles behind half the teams down there let alone in this league. We need to cling onto our league status as long as we possibly can because I see us in the exact same position in the league below.


Wtf are u on about. Absolute gash smallsall mentality. Of course not.

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I’ve already been to over half the grounds in the National League with Walsall.

I agree with your post though. It would be no fun at all unless you come straight back up, which is highly unlikely.


It would be the straw that broke the camels back for a lot of supporters. 2500 at The Bescot would be dreadful.

With our financial set up it might well be difficult to get back so could be a further nail in the coffin.

Us exiles wouldn’t get to see the team play as there is no ifollow, another income stream for the club.

So no, it would be gash.


Agreed, let’s face it this current team would struggle in the national league at the moment.
Could home matches be anymore horrible than they currently are?
The clubs in decline season after season and maybe a backward step is needed.
Yes it would be difficult to get back out, but can any genuine Walsall supporter really see anything improving under this current regime.

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Yes, an absolutely terrible thing, one which would not suddenly remove the millstones from our neck, rather throw them into even sharper relief, and we would struggle to ever get back.

Make no mistake we’re more Chesterfield or Grimsby than Luton or Cambridge!

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Yes it would. I remember people saying the same when we were relegated from league 1 and look at us now. The same issues and frustrations.


So you think this current regime and set up that are making the relationship with the supporters worse week by week is really the answer.

Yes it would be a disaster, look at where we are with our “top 7 budget” and compare that with the millions at Wrexham. It would effectively finish us. If we want a league club we need to do whatever it takes to stay hold on to what we have.

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Didn’t we have this conversation about dropping into League 2?


I remember a similar discussion, when relegation from League One was at stake. Now it is pretty obvious, it hadn’t healed old wounds, but opened a few new ones. Another relegation will have a similar effect, but ten times, or more, worse. So, better to stay and hope for the best, than go out and wilter.


You have to wonder just how far down the pyramid we could actually drop.

I am all for change but I don’t see why we have to give up our league status to do it. It could and probably would only make matters worse.


Maybe it’s frustration after let another totally dismal performance, but surely one thing everyone would agree on is that if the club continues in this same vain there’s only going to be one outcome.
We cannot have our head in sand thinking this current management team are going to perform so sort of miracle.

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There are currently 6 clubs in the Confrence with higher average crowds than us.

If we go down, with this board, it will be a real struggle to get back.


From my perspective it would be a disastrous thing to happen.

I’m sure I’m not alone saying that I’m not going to spend my hard earned cash on non league football…if I was prepared to do that I would go to a local team and not travel over an hour each way.

If the board have stopped caring about the club and continue to slow march us into the conference why should I bother?.

That being said , I will be there next Saturday with my lad cheering them on.

It’s a ducking bipolar existence being a Walsall fan.

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No theyre not. But to even suggest that going down helps us regroup are the same idiots that said us coming down to this league would galvanise us.

It wont, it hasnt.