Wpm cancelled

Issa have been contacted. Today to say that tomorrow’s planned wpm has been cancelled. And will be rescheduled at a later date

So anyone who has furnished us with questions they wanted raising. We will. Put them to. Board members as and when a new date is set

How convenient.

Did they give a reason for the cancellation?

They need us to have won a few more games to put fans in a better mood
Being knocked out of 2 cups and losing 5 of the last 7 games apparently isn’t the best timing


I’d imagine that going out of two lucrative cup competitions in four days means that the spreadsheets need updating and the January window scenario planning has fallen into “worst case” territory.

The board will probably be meeting to discuss exactly what that means.

I doubt it will be a happy alternative to meeting the fan groups (or at least those that didn’t need to wind up) for an hour.


Reason stated was graham Whitaker was unable to attend so meeting will be re arranged. To a yet unspecified date

The Johnson syndrome has manifest itself at WS1

They are latibulating

Maybe…but haven’t we been told numerous times that any revenue from cup competitions was an unbudgeted bonus?

Having been drawn away to a higher division side in a not-so-lucrative cup competition and drawn against a higher placed team like Swindon in the FA Cup I’d have thought in their last forecast any realistic expectations of progressing/further revenue were slim anyway, so the difference on that previous forecast would be somewhere between nil and negligible?

Either way, it’s not a good look from a Board who repeatedly say they want to improve communication with the fans.

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Should be able to get the minutes of the cancelled meeting out a little faster than normal then.

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I’m thinking there’ll still be some lingering disagreement over who was there.

Don’t follow Tim

Wpm has been rearranged for Monday 13 th December

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I would like to know how arsed they actually are about missing out on Man City at home.


Probably got a wedding booked in that day. Why would they want a pesky football match ti ruin that!!


I will be asking for a truthful figure on what they have actually missed out on rob, It’s not just gate receipt,s. But tv. Money Fa money. Media payments etc
And no doubt it all adds to. a fair wedge. Of. Cash.

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They’ll enjoy that one DH :joy:

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It will be a massive amount of money probably in excess of £200,000 to put that into perspective about 25% of the annual playing budget.

We’ve already got Fa money!



What can be achieved by asking how much money we’ve missed out on?

Nothing, and it’s the wrong forum.