WPM Questions

I am sure that Ollie at ISSA has pages of Questions for the Muppets already. Equally not sure if they have to be presented in advance on protocol.
One that I would like to know is how come we didn’t know on due diligence the situation with Manny on acquiring his signature. This is not a criticism on Manny as I think the whole scenario of a ban is unreal and woke.
However we have 2 muppets who apparently sit on EFL Committees (joke) who as usual are asleep at the wheel.
LP stated on last pomcast they didn’t know!!
There are loads more if anyone wants to add here.
We must put more effort into supporting and joining ISSA imo. As each debacle goes forward we need a very strong representative voice.
Just see yesterday’s LP programme note if you still need convincing.

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Q. Why is the scoreboard just a giant clock? It’s been “broken” for months, why hasn’t it been fixed?

Q. Why did the club decide not to stream the Bradford game? Did the attendance in person justify not streaming the game?


Will this meeting actually happen???

We know what you think is not wrong with the club. We know you do not think it is yourself, the budget, the boardroom personnel, the DoF’s performance, Matt Taylor’s work as coach, or the overall quality of the squad. Yet we are in a dire position, at least as bad as last season which you said was unacceptable . So what do you think the problem is? How do you think this " unacceptable " state of affairs can be reversed without changing any of the above?


Is not that hard to figure out why the scoreboard just shows the time but not the score :joy:


Do the team go to away games to see what other clubs with regards to their matchdays, to look to see the things that we can implement?

Beer/ food/ experience is rubbish, no thought or care at all. Hence why i get all my scran ate before i go in. Wont spend a penny more until change happens.

The most obvious question for me is why did we buy a player that gee’d up the fans from rock bottom to just above rock bottom only to say he’s getting over an injury so you’ll have to be patient :astonished:…I am literally (sorry @el_nombre) gobsmacked.

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And to think that Richard Tisdale, who’s company is Sign Specialists, is still on the board of directors :upside_down_face:

Why do we have a DOF. His last 2 transfer windows have been very poor. Why are they signing players who have the correct attitude but cannot play competitive football, and why did we ignore the agent offering Cameron Archer on loan to us.
Why did you claim in your programme notes that staff have no responsibility to on pitch performance ?
Why did you give the job and a set on the board to a fan representative not actually voted for by the fans he is meant to represent ?
Why are we signing injured players
Who is responsible for player due diligence ? The DOF or the Moley

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Does Leigh agree the “not a bad week” comment was a mistake, or does he support it?

Is he worried about the morale amongst supporters? Further to that, if he agrees morale is low, does he think that is only because of results, or does he think the problems of WFC are deeper than that and the poor morale is also affected by problems off the pitch?

Exactly what help, if any, was given to WFC by the Toxic Leech during the lockdown and for the period when games were played without crowds?

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You’re literally so obsessed with me. It’s really weird.

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There seems to be a misunderstanding that keeps cropping up over The SLO. He is not a “fans representative”. He is there as a conduit between the club and the supporters. It is an administrative / intelligence gathering / comms role as much as anything else.
He isn’t doing the job well, but that is another issue.


We were also offered Barjami ex Blues player who has been excellent for Kidderminster all season , we never even had a look .

Have contingency plans been drawn up for non league football

And where is your 5 yr plan

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Question 1:

What is the point of these WPM’s we have been holding them for 20+ years and it literally achieves nothing. Yet another tired, stagnant and totally pointless remnant of Jeff Bonsers Walsall

Are you not capable of thinking of ANYTHING DIFFERENT from the previous regime?

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We could go on for hours with questions about the club as a whole but on the pitch, I would ask how do you think we have had a good window when all we have done is replace players who left anyway?

Also which player in the squad do you get excited about when he gets the ball and think something is going to happen now?

Another one just thought of, we say we have got a good relationship with the local teams, how many players have we got on loan from them and how many have they sent out to other teams on loan but not us

Final one, how do you think we would have got on against West Ham yesterday?

But hasn’t he been touted as both? The mandatory SLO, yes, but hasn’t Pomlett also called his role on the board as representing fans?

I missed that then. My understanding was what I wrote above.

Why are you as chairman quicker to call out fans than you are to make changes to stop the decline of the football club?

Do you find it too difficult to make difficult decisions which results in someone losing their job, even when it’s in the best interest of the football club?

Do you genuinely have the funds to get us back to League One, if not, will you start looking for someone to buy the club immediately before you are known as the chairman who oversaw this football club dropping into non-league.


Is it correct that as per the Club Accounts the rent was paid in full to a multi millionaire and on time effectively through the enormous goodwill of the fans leaving their ST in the Club?
If so, isn’t this the biggest scam of all?
Hard pressed individuals funding a past Chairman in Cyprus.