Wrexham Away

Living in North Wales I saw this update in the local press.
I think our ticket allocation for this might be limited.

TICKETS to Wrexham AFC’s game against Walsall sold out in minutes this morning (July 24).

Fans had to be quick to get tickets for the clash at the Racecourse, with them selling out in under 10 minutes.

-Wrexham AFC vs Walsall sells out in minutes this morning | The Leader

What a draw we must be :grinning:


How times change, most of my many visits there the crowd has been about 3000


Not quite true - on their OS it says they’ve sold out of tickets to UK members - still tickets available to international members.

Sold their soul for Hollywood money.

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Both MK and Swindon have been allocated 1,165 tickets for their games, so we should get the same.

I’d be amazed if we took 1165 for an evening game. Despite hollywood owners Wrexham away to us old uns certainly dosnt have hollywood appeal

Anyone who wants to go should be able to

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Can see us selling out for this one

And me
Kids off school as well

I would have gone to this but I am Wales, further away than if I was going from home.

I guess this will be on I-follow?

Tickets on sale from 9am tomorrow morning.

We will be there. Saves taking my lad to Euro Disney…

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Doubt it. Fair play if we do

I’ll be there as usual, like others have said its not a big draw for me, been there loads of times with 3/4,000. A saturday and it would sell out as we always take a decent following, mid week id guess 750 but I might be underestimating the Hollywood nonsense

Be amazed if we sold out. It’s no arsenal, Liverpool, Leeds united, west ham, wolves is it


as I posted on the Morecambe match thread:
This is going to be an off putting notice from wrexham:

The Red Dragons also do not sell alcohol to away fans due to the location of the away fan kiosks being in view of the pitch.

How we get on in the first 3 games will determine how many we take to this on a Tuesday evening


I think we will sell out.

I’m surprised we’ve said season ticket holders can get two each in the first round to be honest. I’m not sure they will make it to general sale.

Only needs 500 odd season ticket holders to buy two each and they’re gone

Unlike so many it seems, I think its great to see Wrexham back, bigger and better. A traditional club, decent fanbase - fair play to them hope they are enjoying it after so many years in non league.

I would much rather see Wrexham return than see another Salford, Crawley or Forest Green in the football league


Im on holiday been to Rome and I am in Barcelona today so will call in for my tickets tuesday dont want miss this one our trip into europe lol

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