Wrexham in the money of benefit to us?

I have heard that a behind doors friendly has been set up this week and Wrexham are announcing a friendly with 2 league clubs today. After their £1m. plus windfall from Danny Ward, could Wrexham beef up their squad with a few loans from Walsall to free up the wage bill? For example, Kinsella, Devlin, Sangha and Candlin would all come back stronger if they played in a strong non league team competing at the right end of the table. That would free up vital resources for Brewitt, the Burton CB and the Cypriot…

Devlin and Kinsella won’t go out on loan.

SANGHA and Candlin could definitely benefit with a loan move.

Nah, Kinsella would be returned toot-sweet by the recipient club with a label “Not known at this address, please return to sender”

Think I’m right in saying that Sangha was on the Rushall Olympic bench towards the end of his loan spell last season.

He said that he had been impressed by Sangha during pre season at the MTM this evening. I was somewhat surprised but he should know better than me as what he wants from individual players.