WSA - Christmas Dinners in Walsall

The Walsall Supporters’ Alliance are proud to be working with Walsall Outreach this Christmas and we are looking to provide them with at least £300 to supply 70 families with a Christmas Dinner this year.

If anyone would like to donate to the cause please DM me on here and I’ll let you know the details.

Project lead for Walsall Outreach, Maz Surti, said: “Since the pandemic started, we changed our service from serving two hot meals a week from a town centre location to delivering food parcels, hot meals and Sunday lunches for the elderly.

"This year has been incredibly challenging and rewarding for us. We have now sent out over 3,000 food parcels to families and individuals since the pandemic began. We have been delivering 70 hot meals every Friday for the last 6 months. We cook and deliver Sunday lunches to 15 elderly residents.

"We are now planning our Christmas appeal and we would like to support 70 families with a Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. This will include the elderly, families and children who are all struggling this Christmas.”

"The lunches would cost approximately £300 and we are asking for donations to help us raise funds to bring joy to the lives of families across Walsall this Christmas.”

Rob Harvey, Chairman of Walsall Supporters Alliance added: “Our local area is very important to us and as part of our organisation’s purpose we aim to help the local community wherever we possibly can and this is a great way to help at what can be such a lonely time of year for some people.

"If we can help bring some joy to these people at Christmas at least, we will be very happy. We call on the supporters of Walsall Football Club to donate to the cause if they can, with all donations massively appreciated both by ourselves and Walsall Outreach. Any funds raised over £300 will go towards further meals provided by Walsall Outreach after Christmas.”



We’ve only gone and done it already - £320 and counting. All donations will be heading to Walsall Outreach for their amazing meal provision in the community.

Just waiting now to find out if they can deliver more Xmas Dinners or if the additional raises would be better served helping them provide into the new year.

Walsall supporters are the best!


Up to £390 now. Anyone interested in contributing, feel free to DM me

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Up to £650!

Let’s keep going, the more we raise the more meals we can get out

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£775 now hit! Donations are going to make a real difference to Christmas Day for a lot of those who are less fortunate that ourselves. Amazing support.

DM if you want the details to donate - accepting donations up to the morning of the 23rd December.

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£815 as it stands


This is now standing at £850.


£875 raised so far, if we could get this to £1000+ I’d be ecstatic! Good work so far, people far and wide have contributed

Up to £934 with 11 days left to contribute.

If anybody else would like to donate off here, DM me and I’ll send on the details. Thanks.

Over £1000 now!

So far we’ve covered the whole weeks cost for the 21/12 - 28/12 for Walsall Outreach.

Anybody wanting to donate let me know - Walsall Outreach get no funding so whatever you can donate to the cause will make a difference to them!

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How many balti pies will that buy Rob?

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277.77 @ £3.60 each.

7 days left to donate!

Anybody wanting to donate and help Walsall Outreach feed the elderly and vulnerable in our region get in touch with me and I’ll send on details of how to contribute!

Thanks everyone x

5 days left to donate towards providing Christmas Dinners for the elderly and vulnerable in the Walsall area this Christmas time. DM me if you’d like to donate.

Current total is £1114.00 :boom:


Can you give the account details again please.
Edit got it now thanks.

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A big thank you to everybody who donated. Thanks to you we have sent Walsall Outreach £1134.00 this morning which will make a massive difference to those who need it in our region this Christmas time.

Have a great Christmas everyone, and thank you again.


Thank you to everyone who donated, I spent a bit of time delivering today now I’m finally allowed back out of isolation.

Top work by all involved, especially those who helped raise such an amazing figure!


BTW, gravy was added to the meals. Aware it looks quite dry without in the pic :sweat_smile:

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What about condiments?