WSA Crowdfunding - £10,000 Target

Robs provocation on Twitter has made me rethink here. I’m genuinely between stools.

As I posted elsewhere with season tickets and ifollow I’m in for about £700 which I’d stated would do for me unless I heard of a huge bout of generosity from the landlord.

But despite my spends I am still enjoying a Walsall Covid financial dividend. I’d have gone today. About £100 all in. None of which would have gone to Walsall FC. As it is I’ll be spending a tenner of which £8 might go to Walsall FC if we break through the 500 mark (will be close). So I’m £90 up in my sliding doors scenario.

Hmm. I will probably tip in now and will probably do the same for each away game I’d have attended. Which is actually the beauty of Rob’s scheme when you look at it through those eyes.


That’s kind of what I was hoping would happen with people too, thank you for putting things so eloquently.

Smashed past £2.5k today - super stuff



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Must be Sean O’Driscoll…

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Just short of £3k now. Matchday tomorrow so any contributions to the page of what you would have spent at the game are welcome and appreciated

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£3000 passed. Any further matchday donations today are welcome.

If Wes scores and we win today I’ll lob in another score by way of humble pie!

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Even got mentioned in the commentary today Rob. :+1:


Yeah I heard it this time, nice touch and appreciated


On the way to £3500, again with it being a match day, any match day spends anybody could donate would be appreciated.

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15 days in and already up to this. Amazing work from our fans.

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Initial target should be reached and then it will be interesting to see how far we can go. Page is open until at least February.

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At what point do you lob some towards the club?

I’m going to email them after the weekend’s game to see how they want to play it. Then I can base it off that.

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Don’t want to worry you Rob, but the total has reduced:

I’ll email them now, thanks for the heads up. Just checked and it’s definitely gone down slightly.

Will update as soon as I hear from them.

Wasn’t bonzo’s favourite kobe beef steak meal about £45 ? :grin: :wink:

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You seem to know a lot about his personal affairs :joy:

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@ProfessorPeach I’ve mailed their Twitter help page so will keep you posted. I am intrigued.

I have certainly paid for a lot of it over the years :grin: :wink: