WSA Crowdfunding - £10,000 Target

That is brilliant from Staffords fans.

Our fans will be chucking in in different ways.

Many will see Season Tickets for not watching any live football as more than generous. Which it is.

Many of the same people plus some other people will see the eight out of ten quid the club get from ifollow as being generous. Which it is.

Whilst many of the same people plus some others will also be finding other ways to help such as merchandise which is also generous.

My estimation would be that Walsall fans have raised over half a million at least via all of those different channels. Which fan for fan is possibly more than that brilliant effort by Stafford’s fans.


Indeed, I was surprised how much money such a small fan base had raised in such a short period of time. It probably illustrates the strength of support throughout the leagues and is undoubtedly typical of all clubs in these troubled times. We are not alone!


I don’t know much about Stafford nowadays as I don’t really follow football to that extent anymore. However we had a few friendlies at their place in the 90s they were always very welcoming, had a few good days there.

Based on what you have said about their fundraising, sounds like it is still a good club.


Gone through £4K during the game.

Thank you!



The crowdfunding page is now open until at least 30/04/2021 and you can now set up a monthly donation if you wish to, as well as make any ad-hoc payments as anybody sees fit.

Current total is £4087, can’t wait to see how far we can go.


Finally got round to donating, thanks for setting this up!

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Page just through £4.2k, any donations from tonight’s match would be gratefully received


Just given it a plug on the UTS zuckbook page.


Thanks mate

After speaking with the club, I can now confirm that the funds raised will be used to pay for the mandatory heart screening for Academy players aged 16-20, with any surplus funds going towards the cost of a new minibus for the Academy teams to utilise.

Please donate if and where you can, and thank you for the support so far. The club have asked me to pass on their thanks to all supporters.


I thought it had been agreed it would be used to bid for Messi

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No need, he’ll be free at the end of the season


But it could be used to buy that truckload of pork scratchings we’ll need to pay him with!

Heard he’s has enough of premium pork goods, and is in fact looking forward to trying the Prawn Mayo baguette at the Fryatt Hotel


Any further donations for tonight’s game appreciated :pray::+1:t3:

£500 off the initial £5k target and it’s matchday again @WFCOfficial in the @EmiratesFACup.

Please donate to the cause if you can - pies, pints, programmes cost all welcomed and appreciated. Even maybe £1/£2 a goal!

Thanks everyone!


@P.T didn’t want to clog up that other thread. It’s £320 that’s needed, closer than I thought!


Yep. Just saw. Chucked in a score for today’s “sliding door” refreshments.


As of this morning we are at 96% of the initial target.

The page will be open until April, or earlier if we are allowed to go back before this. Looking forward to seeing how much further we can push the grand total!

Thank you to all that are supporting and have donated too. Massively appreciated.

Keep it going :pray::+1:t3:


I’m sure that the £5K barrier can be broken before this weekend is out!

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