WSA Crowdfunding Target Changed

After liaising with the club, we have now changed our target to £7000 to allow the club to receive the funds sooner.

The page will be kept open until this is hit. If it is achieved before 31st Jan, the page will stay open until then as the raffle for the prizes is open until then and any additional funds can still be paid in to the total.


Wise. With Early Birds due in a couple of months there will be many saving a few hundred quid to go again on those.

Which is remarkable in every respect.

As are the efforts on this fund raiser. Top marks all round. :clap::clap:


Agree great work Rob but talking to fans i think they are in for a rude awakening with the early birds this year you cant just keep taking and giving nothing back.


I’ll be getting my early birds as soon as they put them on sale.


If anyone can donate towards the target in place of being at tonight’s game that would be great :blush:

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Not saying everyone wont mate i know a few who say they arent though hardcore fans as well home and away every week types.

Not gonna be on here much tomorrow as I’ll be working until about 6pm, so if anyone can donate to the crowdfunder it would be massively appreciated.

That, and you can win a signed copy of FM 21, a signed Jack Nolan shirt, or a signed pair of Jack Nolan boots - a raffle number for each £5 donated. Draw on 31/1/21


Congratulations to Rob & everyone who contributed for achieving this outstanding goal!



Still open until 28th for further donations, but a massive thank you to everyone for getting us to £7000


Well done all great stuff.

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Well done to Rob and the WSA.

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Were ‘card processing fees’ really £320?

Were Severn Trent involved?

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No mate I’ve made it all up. :roll_eyes:


No offence m8. I know you’ve worked hard on this. :+1:

More a comment on the card companies👍 How they can justify those fees on donations escapes me.

Everyone involved with Issa pass on there congratulations to rob and. The lads involved with. W s a

Fantastic effort from all involved