WSFC: Answers still needed


An update on WSFC’s relegation statement:



Nicely put. This statement just confirms my belief that WSFC is the supporter’s best chance of affecting positive change at Walsall FC. I just hope it gets the backing it deserves. Any idea on the numbers signed up to the mailing list @simon?



Cheers, Greg. 135 at the time of writing.

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Yes a very good statement and I agree with GREG that it the best chance we have of getting some much needed changes .

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Good statement. Thanks for doing this and keeping up the pressure. Just one point regarding the rent. I accept we cannot have a full break but it was only a few years ago we had a rent reduction due to the adverse trading conditions caused by the financial crisis.
Loss of income from EFL solidarity payments due to being in League 2 and the lower attendances sounds like adverse trading conditions to me. We don’t even have the option of reducing the playing budget if it is already middle of League 2.
Worth asking for a reduction until/if we return to League 1 at least?

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‘Rebuilding the club’s footballing philosophy’ was sighted as a key priority in the Directors post-relegation statement, but no clarification on this or the club’s youth system has been made as of yet.

The word you’re looking for there is ‘cited’.