WSFC - Contact with Walsall FC

WSFC has tonight sent communication to the club to seek answers to the following questions, following @P.T’s post on another thread:

  1. It has been mentioned in previous WPM’s by LP that ‘all stakeholders’ were playing their part in helping the club through the current Covid situation. With this now extending further than first anticipated could the fans be told that Jeff Bonser, in his capacity as landlord, is actively helping also? I appreciate figures etc. cannot be disclosed but to know he has been accommodating would help put people’s mind at rest I feel.

  2. LP mentioned in a recent video that he felt we could beat the 1100 or so iFollow passes that Grimsby had sold for their games vs. ourselves. Is it possible for the club to update fans as to how many we have sold for our first games, and what this may have contributed financially against what would have been seen normally should fans have been allowed into the stadium with no restrictions? Fans see the non communication of this as surprising given that we openly set a target and have a basic understanding of what the club gets for each pass purchased.

  3. Does the club plan on offering refunds based on what is happening at the moment, and if so, what do they project the ‘hit’ to be from those refunds?

  4. As the club have mentioned that we have planned for no fans until October, with the recent extension of this how does this impact the club and how long is it honestly feasible to continue this way before things have to change?

  5. As you know WSFC have set up a fundraising initiative that you have mentioned the club would like us to place on hold at the moment - can you clarify why this is?

Also on this point, could it be confirmed if the club would welcome pretty much anything in terms of fundraising to do our bit, or is there an ideal system / way that the club would like us to explore that would allow supporters groups to work together to achieve the common goal in terms of fundraising?


Looks like this will be answered soon.

Perhaps he will tell us what pressure he is putting on politicians to change their minds on supporters in grounds as the Colchester Chairman has done.

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Here’s hoping!

Reply from club is that LP is doing a video statement on Friday and he should be covering the points raised.