WSFC - Crowdfunding - £10,000 Target

Nice to see that a Blackpool fan put a fiver in earlier today. Shows the football community is alive & kicking.


Would that be Geoff Morris’ son who donated, nice gesture and memory of a good player.

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Quite possibly, I was going to ask about that as I’m not old enough to know!

If I’m right Geoff was a speedy useful compact winger.
Think we did a sort of player exchange deal with Shrewsbury , we got George Andrews.
Wished we had got them both in todays team.

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I always thought Geoff suffered a bit from being the one to follow the legend that was Colin Taylor. Impossible boots to fill.


He certainly did. I didn’t rate him all since he took the place of one my heroes but how we could do with a Geoff Morris today. Scored a good number of goals and quite skilful on the ball. A good player.

How many goals would George Andrews have scored off 13 corners. The best header of a goal I have seen in a Walsall shirt.

Can I make a suggestion?

Use those boots and framed picture you got donated, and say that anyone who donates £5 or more to the just giving page, gets a number. Use those numbers as a raffle.
So if someone donates £5 it’s one entry, £10 for 2 entries etc.
I think it’ll raise more this way than an auction.
Just my suggestion


Lots but I remember Tony Richards and George Kirby as well. Some of the corners we took on Saturday would have been met with strong headers by those players which at the very least would have forced a save from the keeper. Unlike most of this season which actually got some good balls into the box on Saturday but our lack of prowess in front of goal was sadly exposed.

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You are before my Walsall watching time WalsallOne so can’t comment on them.

Just think @RobHarv3y if the team had stopped in one of the cups they could have smashed that :smiley:

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What’s a cup run?

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Another game tonight - if you would have been there please consider donating instead :slight_smile:

Or if you’d rather not watch on iFollow and donate your tenner direct to the club also feel free.

All donations however big or small are massively appreciated!

Yes, it breaks your heart when you think how much we’ve thrown away by getting knocked out of cup competitions.