WSFC - Flags at the Banks’s!

Happy to say that after speaking with the club they are happy to have supporter flags in the ground on show whilst we aren’t able to attend.

If you have a flag you would like displayed in the ground, DM your email address to me on here and I’ll send a very short form that you need to fill in and return.

Your flag will need attachements on the corners in order to be tied down.

The date / time to get flags to the club will be cascaded when it has been decided 100%.


Once people have seen this I’ll move it to the announcements section.

Fantastic :clap::clap:

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Defo would like to get mine in - would be great to see a stand packed out with them

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If anybody else off here wants their flags putting up for this weekend then message me, I’ll be sorting it on Friday

Aproach with caution, from past experience. Club have a Nasty habit of misplacing items placed in there care,
Some expensive. Covers for our disabled fan base where left in the clubs care and went missing presumed lost or stolen, But surfaced some months later, Found stuffed in some. Cupboard This is probably why they will not accept liability , Id be vary wary of loaning flags, especially some of the larger better quality ones that. Are. On display on away days, Because as they say. They will not accept liability, And even without fans in the ground they must still have the relevant fire safety certificate. Attached. And if this is lost. During attachment. Or removal will club pay for a replacement, Although a lot of the more expensive flags have this certificate sublimated into the material nowadays. So may not be an issue. For most ones loaned to club

Just helped to put the flags we have so far up in the ground, if there is anybody else who wants their flag(s) in the ground get them to get in touch.


Are Cyprus flags allowed now? :wink:


It won’t matter we wouldn’t be there to take advantage :laughing: just thought? the joke will be lost if it gets caught out by the swear filter :man_facepalming:


Can I get mine up walsall fans have your say Kents in! :grin:


I am not changing the wording on that post :grin:


Sill up Bontar Martian in.


Flags looking good to me on iFollow. Thanks to @RobHarv3y


So, these flags, which were donated and put on display as a visual prompt to players from supporters that Walsall fc were still in the hearts and minds of fans who couldn’t attend the ground (but had nonetheless left their season ticket money in the club) were hid behind a wall last night.

The reason given, which may not be correct, but seems most plausible, was that Villa Ladies did not want them on display.

Leaving aside the fact that Villa ladies playing at our ground is in itself humiliating, could no-one at the ground be bothered to put the flags back on display? Are those visual displays of support that meaning less that no-one cares. Coupled with the atrocious performances, they may as well display two fingers on the iFollow broadcast.

Sick to death of the contempt Walsall fans are held in.

What exactly do Walsall fc exist for? Because it sure isn’t giving the fans a communal sense of pride.


Says it all really, no more to be said!!

Should have just told the women to ■■■■ off and play somewhere else.


Good post Andy. I didn’t notice that yesterday, but it’s just yet another indication of how the supporters are perceived.

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Let me make a guess - it was a Health & Safety issue.
A flag could have been dislodged by the wind and injured Gordon just as he was about to slot home the winner.

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I may be wrong here but are their games even on the TV? I mean there’ll be none of their fans in the ground so who are they being hidden from?

Do women’s teams have fans?

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