I’m all for Jeff out! But what kind of ■■■■ is WSFC?

All they do is post cat ■■■■ on twitter, saying this and that. All talk no action. Page up for over 6 months and all you see is JeffOut and what not. They will (try) and get a protest together lol, last one game. Have a cup of tea with Jeff, everything’s fine for another 6 months.

But let’s be real. No-one will want to protest at the start of the year, last few months of last season was you’re chance…

Then again, that guy rob Harvey will try and set it all up. Let’s me real, he can’t get a win with the supporters trust team. And yes the, supporters trust, we all know what they are about. ( in it for themselves ).

Who’s put you up to this? :joy:



Kents out.

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Martian in.

HeLlO cHiNeSe JeFf, wOtS yUr FaVrIt FiLm?


What a strange post. WSFC represent the best avenue for securing positive dialogue and eventually positive change at Walsall FC. It has taken a while to set up as the chaps behind it are going about things in the correct manner i.e. raising awareness, releasing a mission statement, professional website, initial meeting with the club, securing Football Supporter’s Federation status and establishing a committee. These things take time. Blaming others and doing nothing to try and affect positive change requires no effort. Keep up the good work @RobHarv3y @simon - most of us are behind you and see the bigger picture.


It’s alright, just another person who doesn’t like me. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out who it is either :joy:

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Give us a clue!

Not sure if they’re already on here, but I could round you up about ten people who it could be and then based on spelling alone narrow it down to 2 max. I won’t spoil their fun, they’ve only just got here.

I think Rob has an admirer! :kiss::kiss::kiss:


Don’t confuse a stalker with an admirer, there are a few stars that have fallen foul of that :rofl:


Interesting feedback. Think I might know who it is but can’t be shaw.