Wycombe Wanderers (H) Oct 27th, 3pm


The middle bit of the Park was good. Goalie, two centre halves, three in midfield and cook all really good. Ferrier was great for an hour too.

Both full backs really poor. Leahys og put the tin lid on his afternoon. Wilson is slower than me.

But we scored three and won. Happy days.


Fair play mate, 2 pints of blue moon is enough for me to move on to something else.


Phew! Relived, in the end. What is it about us and late goals? We need to be 2 goals clear at the end of normal time to win a bl oody game!
Still, 3 goals and a win. Can’t complain at that although so many missed chances again…
Happy! :smile:


Difficult being an ale drinker in Spain.

Just switched to bottles of Punk IPA. Gonna be a long evening as Mrs B just texted me to say she is getting ready for us to go out :grinning:


you will be asleep by 8.00 :rofl:


Ronan was superb. Can’t understand the criticism of him.


I had 2 pints with lunch as well :grinning:


He was.

Midfield was good today. Thought Osbourne played well too (and Morris)


Get in. UTS.


Good performances today.

Martin, Ronan, Osbourne, Dobson, Morris and Cook were excellent.

Ferrier was great until he had to cross or shoot! Shocking finishing.

Leahy and Wilson were both quite poor.

Good display though. Thought we dominated the game apart from 15minutes in the second half. Martin makes a big difference.


Agree with that. Martin’s cool head and distribution is a big bonus. Cook was very good too.


Wilson set up the goal to be fair


Roberts his usual self. Centre halves much preferred. I like Fitz but Martins experience told. Leahy very poor. Wilson I thought wasn’t all that bad particularly going forward.

Dobson his usual self. Osbourne better than I’ve seen so far this season.

Ronan MOTM. His delivery is better than anyone in the side.

Morris lively but ineffective.

Cook And Ferrier earned a little bit longer as a pair for me.

Three points were exactly what was needed


I prefer the balance of the team when Ferrier is wider to the left. His decision making needs to improve but his running with the ball from deep was exceptional today.


A very welcome 3 points but we do make it difficult for ourselves. Agree with most of the above comments. I like Leahy but he wan’t very good today and Wllson has a lot to learn. Devlin for me at the moment. I also felt Dean should have replaced Morris and Ferrier with Ginnelly and Ismael after an hour. As the Dobson run showed they were there for the taking down the flanks. UTS.


Half way to safety after 15 games. After last season I would have snatched your hand off for that :+1:


Just imagine brandin a player crap just because he plays for another Midlands club … brain dead!

Well played Connor Ronan


He’s an employee of Wolverhampton Wanderers seems to be the gist of it.


I agree today. He needs the freedom that the role he had today affords him. It means the kind of formation tinkerage we saw today to accommodate that I.e only one up top.


He did. But cost us one and could have cost us more.