Wycombe Wanderers (H) Oct 27th, 3pm


It was between Cook and Ronan for me. I’d have been happy with either.


Saturday showed what Cook can do with some decent service, but Ronan really ran the show. No-one else in the team could deliver the quality of ball that lead to the first goal.


Every single delivery seemed to be on the money. He pops up in really dangerous places when he is given the freedom of attacking midfield. He won’t score the goals Ozzie did but he looks a very similar player to me.


When I first saw him against Barnsley he played a few first time balls, I knew he has ability. Hope we can sign him at the end of the season, will just need a run of games to see if he can do it consistently.


I can’t remember the last time I saw a player touch the ball in a single game for Walsall as Ronan did on Saturday. He showed that he perfectly understands the game by dictating the tempo, knowing when to step up a gear, and when to slow it down

I’d say he’s more in the mould of Sawyers than Oztumer going off the amount of times he came deep for the ball. This allowed both Dobson and Osbourne opportunity to get forward more than they ever would as a pair. I think that’s part of the reason why Cook had such a good game. Rather than wait age for support while he holds the ball up, he instantly had two or three options


I agree with you 100%. It was a Sawyers-esq performance. It was beautiful to watch. Like Sawyers, a few passes went astray but you have to expect that from a player dictating the entire game. The stick he got on Twitter when his name was on the team sheet was embarrassing to be honest.


pity he hasn’t got 6 feet :smile:


Good post Mighty, I agree with all that.