Yann Songo'o


Very pleased with that. Fancy them letting him join a promotion rival :wink:


Good signing this.

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The announcement says midfielder but Wiki has him as a defender. CM to replace Earing?

Also, I see he’s previously had a similar ban to Manny Monthe’s last season for a homophobic comment.

Some thoughts from Bradford fans, interesting…

Not impressed with this one. Walsall are the best team I saw this season (I still don’t know how we won) and we’ve gone and given them an experienced streetwise midfield general - who knows about how to get promoted from this division. Mind you, at least they’ll be weaker against us as he won’t be allowed to play.

Of all the transfer dealings this window, this one is the biggest piece of self destruction. He might have had limited opportunities but if its true, we’ve just taken out our best piece of final ten minutes game management.

But Hughes couldn’t deny him as he clearly couldn’t guarantee him games. I think he has a lot of time for Yann, as do other managers he’s played for, because he’s a team player - but making him stay wouldn’t have been a good idea either. And yes, that enforcer role was done with such aplomb. I never doubted that we’d be OK when he came on!! He reminds me of the manager he’ll be playing for. Flynn was somewhat underappreciated at the time, because the team was terrible - but he rarely had a bad game. Same applies Songo and good luck to him.


A good addition for the run in. That is the midfield sorted now either DJ or a striker please!!


Now we have a song, where’s the DJ


Contract up in the summer for Bradford, wonder if he’s eyeing up a permanent deal. Good for us either way if he is trying to earn a new deal either with us or putting himself in the shop window, hopefully will show with his performances

He was an unused sub in Bradfords cup tie v Harrogate presume he is cup tied for Saturday ??
Also early announcement for us perhaps more to come

Not cup-tied either so available to at least be on the bench for Leicester game…

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I never used to like Bradford. They took Osadebee off our hands and now have given us a quality player!!

I will always admit when I’m wrong :laughing::laughing:


Unused sub doesn’t count towards cup-tied rules… As far as I’m aware. I’m sure Pedagogue will confirm yay or ney.




(g) A substitute who does not play in a match is entitled to play for another Club in the
Competition in the same season

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My worry is why don’t Bradford use him.
Unwanted league 2 player so must be past his best so joining a team who want to be better than the team he is leaving
Doesn’t fill me with confidence on his quality

Spot on!

We should definitely give up on DJ too - I mean if the Mansfield management dont rate him, and wont really play him, why should we even be considering signing him!:roll_eyes:


Why doesn’t Clough use DJ ,?


The expression “hoisted by his own petard” comes to mind :smile:


Has played more as a centre half this year, which I’m very happy with because we are finally fully stocked at the back. He’s probably a better holding mid than Comley too so that’s a bonus.

That leaves a goalkeeper … and possibly a ginger haired poacher on the shopping list


Always liked him when he’s played against us. Suggests Labadie has played his last game for us, too.