Yellow Highgate shirts

Independent saddlers supporters association.

Ref. Yellow and white Highgate tops

Right lads / lasses. They are finished. And how good do these look , All. Complete and will. be with me by Friday.

Out for delivery from Saturday onwards. That yellow one. In my humble opinion is the. Dogs back wheels

It’s been a pleasure for Issa to bring these tops back to life alongside. The original supplier first time round. Spall, We will be launching the last of the Highgate trilogy. Shirts. The red and white pinstripe one soon, Alongside our own brand of wfc related sportswear.


Very nice mate, excellent work again. :ok_hand:


That’s fantastic. I’ll have one of the red pin stripes mate!

They will be going on the Issa site for pre order hopefully next week . Just awaiting the. Mock up pic from spall


Will they have the jan Webster badge on them mate like the original ?

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I remember having to wait until about the middle of September for the red one to come in to Jan Websters. Love that top, one of if not my all time faves. I actually forgot the badge was green on it, until I saw those pictures. Love it.

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Yes mate it will include the embroidered jw design
And the Highgate across chest. Will be fully embroidered also. No transfers will be used on the shirt whatsoever mate

We are also close to releasing our own brand of. Clothing. Which will be wfc related mate, With. Designs of various items of clothing being worked on. , we hope to have them available for fans. Very soon


Independent saddlers supporters association.

Ref white and yellow Highgate tops

Due to sheer demand. And the unbelievable response we have had to the. Yellow shirt. We are. Putting both back into production

The White one will now be entering. It’s third production run. And the yellow its second

We will be taking orders again via our online store. From Monday
7th of September

This will definitely be the last run of these shirts. So if you want one. Act fast, or if you want one as a Christmas gift for any saddler again now is the time to order

We are also pleased to announce we will also on the. 7th sept be releasing. The third and final shirt in the. Highgate trilogy. The red pinstripe one for pre order. Mock up pic of said shirt will be with me soon, but I guarantee it to be. Of the same excellent quality as the white and yellow one and do the original as pictured here. Full justification

A few people Issa must thank for helping us bring these. Shirts back. To life. Are as follows

Ex saddler Wayne Thomas and his wife Clare , and fellow fan Simon Allen for there input, and help. And all those involved at spall. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with these guys.

Between us all guys I think we done justice. To these iconic shirts and can’t wait to see the finished version of the red one

Watch out for further announcements in the next few days

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You and the boys all in this red one mate, sure to bring back wonderful memories

The response to these tops and the feedback we have received from those. Who had the white ones. Has been. Unbelievable And as you are fully aware it’s been a pleasure for all involved with Issa to reproduce them

Will the mostly red and white pinstripe one be on the online shop mate? Had a look but couldn’t see! They look class.

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It will be mate, when it is available.

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It will hit our online shop on Monday mate We are just awaiting the mock up. Pics to be sent over

it will be on pre order for a period of fourteen days, After which order will go of to spall It then takes between five to eight weeks to complete the manufacturing process , but so far everything we have done with them as come in ahead of schedule


Lovely jubbly!

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Can’t wait mate for this one and The Deeleys castings one.

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Great news! Now, just need to lose my lockdown chub to fit into mine.
Big thanks to Dhforever for getting me on to the order this run :+1:
Christmas should be sorted with the launch of the red one too.

I can’t wait that long!

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I don’t want to come across negative at all because it doesn’t really matter to me one way or the other (I’ll be wearing my 2020/21 shirt I bought from the club), just trying to be helpful and checking no potential issues.

I know you have the OK to use old club badges and derivatives, and even current ones with permission, but has ISSA got permission for the old sponsor logos as some of them are still active? E.g. Highgate brewery itself is no more (subsumed by Aston Manor who then dropped beer to concentrate on cider) but Davenport’s still do a brew under the Highgate name. No idea what the position is on Deeley’s Castings (had never heard of them at the time they were our sponsor!)

Think Deeley’s Castings went out of business over 10 years ago. I presume the club has no issues when they did their own retro copy of that kit.

As I say, not trying to be a wet blanket but some organisations can be touchy over trademarks.

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Don’t know about Highgate but don’t think there would be a problem with Jan Webster either as the company dissolved when he sadly passed away last year.