Yeovil takeover



Don’t do it … come to Walsall fc instead!!!


It ay for sale though :wink:


Is the assumption that because he is an ‘American investor’ he is wealthy?


The football club is though. Apparently :thinking:


Another small EFL club going into foreign ownership then.

This is more likely at Walsall one day than local based person taking over.


A club that has made a net loss of over a million pounds over the last three years. just goes to show how attractive the proposition becomes when you own your own stadium.

People don’t invest in football clubs to make a profit TODAY. They Invest to grow them and take them to the next level because the income levels are then disproportionate to further down the table. We are not offering that chance without selling the club and land lock stock and barrel.


I can’t imagine a foreign owner would be acceptable to the majority of people in Walsall


Would be OK for 32% of us :joy:


Unless your the baggies owner of course:


Interesting article on Luton here. The owners are looking not just to a new ground,but to kickstart the whole town,if this is to be believed. Seems they have the town’s support.

Quite a contrast to put it mildly.


This was Madejski’s vision for Reading as well. Kinda worked, mostly helped by London’s growth.