Yesterday's match

Went last night.
It was cold.
Football was cack.
But for me, it’s not about what happens on the pitch anymore.
I go with my 6 year old boy. Going to the game is ‘our thing’. Something we do together, to spend some quality time together.

After last night’s game, I asked him if he wanted to stop coming and do something else instead.

His answer was ‘no daddy, I like coming to football with you’

That alone is the reason I go. My boy is happy, I’m happy.

Does anyone actually go to watch the match anymore?

It’s more of a social event that just happens to involve a football match.


Keep going - enjoy the quality time with your son. It will turn around and we will enjoy it again. Stay positive!


I don’t go to many home games, but do like to go to away games because the atmosphere is better, even though i do have certain commitments on my weekends, i still don’t think i would go to many home games because
1 I think it’s expensive
2 The matchday experience is poor
3 We are gash at home :wink:
But to be honest you have a fantastic reason and motive to go with your lad, so just enjoy the experience with him because there will come a time when you can’t


Due to circumstances, I have to pick and choose my matches but always look forward to them as it’s an excuse to see mates that I don’t get to see that often anymore and make a day of it

Win, lose or draw it’s always a good day but if I was someone who left the house to go straight to the ground and then come home straight afterwards, I have to say it’d be a bleak experience with the current state of football and match day experience being served up


Didn’t go last night so I’m going to comment on the performance just seen the penalty and the Morecombe goals shocking

Good post…a little sanity at last on here. I go to watch the match and talk to my old and new buddies who also go for the same reason. We are really poor at the moment but it won’t last for ever and those of us who stuck by the club will get the most satisfaction when the improvement comes.


That was in reply to the first post on here.

Same for me to my 14 year old has his first ever season ticket this season I turned round at the end of the game and said I dont think I could be bothered going saturday which he turned round and said I want to go can you drop me off if you dont go. Makes me proud but he hasnt been going for over 40 years and seen the rubbish I have lol


Thankfully don’t think there’s too many of us that go because of the football. I go just to see mates, have a few beers and some decent food at the George.

Last night I was more looking forward to the food than the football.

I think without a motivation similar to yours, that of spending regular time with people you love or like, there would be fewer than 1000 season ticket holders.

Same at most football clubs that actually rely on people through the turnstiles. Sadly it breeds complacency at most of them, and taking people and their regular attendance for granted.

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Good one Rugby Saddler, keep going and enjoy the time with your boy.
For me it’s about meeting up with friends and having a talk and a laugh, but the football itself - not really at the moment or the past few years.


But if he wants to continue going atm … he will don’t you worry …

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Funny you should say that, mine, with all his football, has me continuously going to the atm.

Me and my dad certainly don’t go expecting to be entertained.

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My kids enjoy it more than me these days :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I stand in the lower tier, I took my Granddaughter and was it cold.
She loves the atmosphere (even Tuesday) But she never knew Fellows Park.

Me and my mates walked out of the BCA on Tuesday and said “that’s the best part of the night gone”. How right we were :roll_eyes:

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If we went for the football, we wouldn’t be Walsall fans.