You can’t make this up


Christ. I just hope they haven’t been booked to redo the lower toilets

That must be where GAffney and Lidl come from

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Embarrassing as if the university of Wolverhampton stand was not bad enough.


Bonser’s revenge? The last big marketing deal that he signed off before walking away? This will show 'em, the ingrates…

What used to proudly be known as the H.L Fellows stand is now the Poundland Stand?
Good grief.

Either that or its a well timed wind up?!

Mind you, to be fair, Marshy did call it in April…


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Just about sums us up really , laughing stock of the Midlands .
Please , I know we need sponsors but for ■■■■ sake …


And why in blue?
Suppose a case of he who pay’s the piper calls the tune.

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Poundland’s money is as good as anyone’s,better,It takes poundland twice as long to earn it with everything being a pound.Plus originally it was a local company,I think it’s owned by a foreign company now.


It’s more annoying that they couldn’t manage to get the ‘Proud Supporters of Walsall FC’ in the centre of the entrance.

There’s still a chance it’s a wind up, but looks too good to be true :joy::joy::joy:

I don’t care who sponsors us as long as the money is good and the firm are not doing anything illegal. This firm are moving their headquarters into the Town so if they are backing the club I say it is good.


Our fans really will moan about anything won’t they? :roll_eyes:


We find ourselves shopping in there every transfer window so it makes sense.


It’s not 1st April is it?

Wonder if the OAP’s will start singing they are the Poundland (sp)Enders

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Dont care aslong as its more money into the club, well done WFC


Could be a very good Photoshop job, but sponsorship is sponsorship!

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Don’t knock Poundland.

Their stuff is worth more than any of our players.

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Gamble and Mole’s latest masterstoke!

How can anybody question this groundbreaking business duo - next stop BBC Business Live!

They have specific business model that is successful.

It doesn’t have to order months in advance and haggle with suppliers and distributors. Often stock is on its shelves just days after a deal is struck.

For example, if Colgate-Palmolive, the company that produces top-selling Palmolive shower gel, accidentally churns out too many bottles of the body wash and ends up with 100,000 more than it has orders for, it has a major problem.

Not only does it not have a buyer, it also has to pay for warehouse space to store the shower gel. This is where Poundland can step in.

You can get decent stuff cheap by capitalising on other companies not wanting to pay to hang onto stock they have no use for. See where I’m going with this?

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