“You keep working with them, there’s no magic wand

More words of wisdom today this is getting a bloody joke now !
We’ve lost a lot of our fans at the minute, understandable.There’s no Houdini out there, no magic wand.
If you new what to do it would help but the way he keeps changing things he dosent.
Players go through bad runs of form, I had loads of bad form throughout my play.You have to get them into form.
I dont think you can we are in trouble end of !

All these quotes are from the post match interview on Saturday :man_shrugging:t2:


Didnt see it saturday but this is in todays e&s just getting fed up of him coming out with all these lines saying we keep trying on the training ground There’s not really much you can do. You’ve got to be mentality strong and work hard for each other. Its really worrying .

It’s even more worrying that I’m not sure there’s much else he can say. As discussed on other threads, even saying " I resign" would probably create more problems than it solves.

What do people expect him to say?

Hes honest and not much more he can say…Actions speak louder than words he knows that…If he had choice i dont think he would speak too the press he seems very aware of how they sway peoples minds and atm its easily done. Weve all been here before its not good, its not nice and its deffo not fun, But if the club fans players all keep trying well get there one day. Ive hoped and prayed for it long enough it will come! Cya all at Swindon

I must admit when DC first arrived I thought his communications with the media were a breathe of fresh air and much more palatable than the ramblings of his immediate predecessors. However I have found him at times overly ‘spikey’ when asked fairly basic questions and we are now rapidly moving into will you just ‘shut the ■■■■ up territory’.

I do like his honesty but I genuinely think that it has just dawned on him that most of the players he has signed are utter bilge and he ain’t sure what he can do about it. I also wonder what he is like behind closed doors, the overbearing brutally honesty approach might be wearing thin. And although more articulate than DK or JW there are only so many times he keep repeating the same mantra’s with literally no sign of his words being implemented on the pitch.


Very true mate very true, He is our hope atm tho, We have too hope he knows what hes doing, no way will he be gone nor do i want him too id love him too turn it as he seems a great guy but yeah his words could be more harmful then we think!

All quotes are from Saturday. The E & S like to spread them over the entire week to easily fill their slot without having to work too much at it.

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Desperate thread.

Man talks sense shocker.

I blame Masi for this… gone to T*ts since he left

Whitney territory again.

He said this!
He didnt say this!
He was honest!
He was too honest!