Zak Jules also on his way?

A multitude of clubs chasing his signature?

Maybe we could pursuade Hearts he’s the answer to their problems… :wink:

Doesn’t surprise me at all the lad has more potential than any other defender on our books and you can’t blame him if he goes to a club higher up

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How do the club think we’re ever going to get out of this league and progress if we keep selling our best players / prospects.

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If we sold them it wouldn’t be so bad but at the end of the season they can leave for free.

Remarkable considering he keeps wandering inside to the centre half position as a converted left back and is regularly caught out of position by attacking wingers . If he can eradicate that out of his game sure he can make it at a higher level .

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He is a top player

This doesn’t surprise me and will be the biggest loss of the bunch in my opinion bar Holden

Some big teams linked with him and as always - no smoke without fire.


No surprise. The lad is quality at this level and has plenty of potential.

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As others have said, he’s excellent. Our side will definitely be worse off without him, he always looks composed, has height, strength, must keep him.


Jules has been very consistent this season and offers versatility in regards to playing centre back and left back. At 6ft 3 and being as mobile and quick as what he is… it’s no surprise. £50k and he is off… yet another as always to go for next to nothing!! The list will go on…

And he’s a centre half being shoe horned into the left back position due to Clarke’s obsession with James Clarke and a lack of depth in that position at the club even more so now Nurse has gone for me he’s the best defender at the club he can go on to play at a higher level the likes of Scarr who’s done well this season would struggle against the type of striker he would come up against in league one.


I agree Killer.

I’d like to see Jules at centre back because as others have said, that is his natural position and for as long as he is playing left back I feel we are compromising his development.

He does OK at left back but wingers have to work a bit less to work half a yard to fashion a cross because Jules instinct is to drop off to protect the middle of the pitch - something he will have been doing as a centre back for as long as he’s played organised football.

I see Clarke’s logic. His back four are all built like centre halves. No Rico Henry dynamos here. Four big men who get their head on the ball. Which also explains his selection of White ahead of Norman. And that has worked to a degree as we look far more solid at set pieces.


A centre half with the pace of a full back, he has everything to become a top player.

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He’s like a lot of our squad, quality at times but with the ability to totally brain fart.

He was signed for the back 3 DC originally wanted to play, he’s very good with the ball. I can see why a championship club would take what would be a relatively cheap punt on him.


So we all like him. And Champ managers seem to but DC has never been keen.

Looks like us fans and managers of bigger clubs are all wrong then obviously.


Do any of us/them have the proper badges?

Kept him away from the first eleven squad throughout most of last season, remember watching him at Morecambe on one of the rare occasions when DC played him and thinking “this lad has legs, he could be a gud’un” but DC is DC and we saw very little of him after that.
He tends to have favourites…Sincs, Lavery, Clarke etc all of whom fail to perform, but continue to impress in DC’s mind only.
Jules should take up an offer, it would do good for his future, which, under DC’s dubious tenure is negligible. Would be a shame to lose him though, most often than not the side appears to be a more solid outfit with his presence.


Don’t think any of us see him in training everyday or know what his attitude is like. Seem to remember there being an issue with is effort in training :thinking:

Think he’s definitely a manager who prefers a nice character over actually being good at playing football.

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Of course an half decent CB with pace is a commodity in itself. He is quick